Proper lighting in your bathroom can make the difference between a pleasurable experience or just another visit. Read on to find out how to make your bathroom more desirable.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathroom lighting is a very critical issue when it comes to decor and presentation. If done wrong, it can lead to inefficient lighting resulting in insufficient light for your personal business. Some people even like to take a good book to the bathroom and insufficient light for reading can prove to be harmful to the eyes. If you entertain guests often, then a presentable bathroom will be an essential part of impressing your guests. Simply painting the bathroom with attractive colours will not be enough if the only source of light is a yellow bulb hanging from the ceiling. Keep in mind that the lighting you choose must also last for a good amount of time and does not need constant repairs. Since the bathroom is where you groom yourself, you must always keep in mind the fact that if you wish to look good outside then you must look good inside the bathroom as well.
Lighting Ideas for Bathrooms
Everyone has a different idea of what they want the bathroom to look like and how to light it up. Let us now explore some of these ideas.
  • Providing proper light for the mirror in the bathroom is crucial. If you want the light on the mirror to be bright and ample, then make sure that you use un-shaded light. Put up the light in such a manner that it casts no shadows. The best way of avoid shadows is to place a light on each side of the mirror. This helps in reducing the shadows cast on the cheeks, eyes and under the chin. Even overhead lights that cast shadows when a person is trying to read are not a good thing. Place the light in such a way that it is not obstructed by anything or anyone.
  • Choose light bulbs carefully. Going for fluorescent lights is not a great idea as they can make people look pale. The best thing to do is to choose bulbs that imitate natural light. In addition to this, using lights that are set in the ceiling (recessed lights) can help make the bathroom look bigger than what it actually is.
  • Though it is good not to have too many things sticking out of the ceiling of your bathroom, it would be advisable to incorporate lights that can be used to focus on a particular object, like the sink or the vanity in the bathroom.
  • A very practical thing to do would be to use lighted switches. These will make it easier for you to find that light switch in the dark. Placing a small lamp on the countertop of your sink is also a good idea. It will help make things brighter.
  • Make sure that none of the lights in the bathroom reflect off the mirror. To light up the shower or tub what you can do is to have two lights placed near the shower and have them focus on the shower or the tub. 
Always remember that the main idea behind the lighting is not only to provide even light but also make sure that the light is bright enough to safely indulge in activities like applying make-up or shaving.

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