Landscape lighting can make your house and garden look stunning and striking at night. Read on to learn about some landscape lighting ideas.

Landscape Lighting Ideas

There is nothing more soothing and relaxing like taking a walk in your garden space or open backyard. No matter how big or small the space behind or in front your house is, you can make it look more beautiful and elegant with a few creative changes and add-ons. Once such creative idea which can give a new look to your outside space is the use of landscape lighting. Landscape lighting is one of the best ways to illuminate and showcase the beauty of your house and backyard or garden. You should know how to make the best use of the various lighting features available in order to highlight the beautiful features of your space. There are many lighting ideas available, but the challenge is all about selecting the right light and the right areas to fix these lights. Here we will discuss few ideas for landscape lighting that will help solve all your problem and confusions.

Ideas For Landscape Lighting

Don’t Limit To Two Dimensions
Most of the people who decide to light up their landscape think only about the two dimensional directions. Lights can focus on any direction to enhance the beauty of the landscape and to bring out a dramatic effect.

Uplighting is one of the most common and famous outdoor lighting methods in which you can use a well type light or a bullet facing upward to the object you would like to focus on. Uplifting lighting is mainly used to highlight a particular tree, place, location or a waterfall in the landscape area. You can also use this method to light ponds, pools and other water features to look elegant. Here you can use the submersible lights.

The downlighting method of lighting is used not to focus on one particular object but to crystallize a particular landscape area in general with a moonlight like effect. You can make use of bullet type lamps placing them low on the ground to illustrate a path or a flower bed border. You can also place the lights high on the walls, post or ceilings in order to illuminate a pathway, entry door, fences, garage door or a drive way. 

Backlighting/Silhouette Lighting
This is another technique which you can use in order to illuminate your landscape. You can make use of wash lights to crystallize a background, say a wall. You need to place the lights between the wall and other objects which will make the object in front of the light to look like a silhouette. Architectural features in your backyard can also be highlighted with the help of backlighting. You can also use this technique for the column base, fence posts, corner buildings, and other features of your landscape.

Shadow Lighting
Shadow lighting is a kind of a lighting technique that creates beautiful and catchy shadow effects. You can make use of a bullet or a well light and fix it in front of the object. The light will cast a shadow of the particular object on the wall or some other structure and will give a good effect.

Wall Lighting
Wall lighting is a technique in which you make use of different lights to splash light against any architectural feature in the garden area. You can make use of different colours of lights to give a colourful effect to the shadow casted. 

Submersible Lighting
These lighting techniques can be used to illuminate the pool, pond or a waterfall in your open space. You can try out different coloured lights that will keep changing the look of the underwater environment. However, you need to be careful of the proper placement of the wiring in order to avoid any shock hazards.

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