When it comes to cleaning a carpet, the best way would be to steam clean it. Go through the article to get detailed information on how to steam clean carpets.

How To Steam Clean Carpets

Carpets bring in a certain old world charm to the house and remind us of the bygone days, when carpeting was the best way to keep the dampness and the cold outside. However, nowadays, carpets have become more of a style statement. They are basically used for enhancing the beauty of the room. On top of that, carpets also bring coziness and warmth to the room. But this is only till the time the carpet is clean and tidy. Carpets can have an opposite effect, if they are worn out and dirty. No matter how well decorated your house is, a shabby carpet can, single handedly, ruin the entire look of a room and with that your hard work and effort. Though a new carpet looks striking, pets and kids and foot traffic can in a short time can give a shabby appearance to the once-new carpet. To top it, if there are any spills on the carpet, the stubborn stains are sure to become an eyesore, which is why keeping the carpet spic and span is so much important. Vacuuming is a good option, but not the best. Carpets have the knack of ‘absorbing’ dust and dirt, which can only be cleaned with steam. Steam cleaning is the best option, if you wish to preserve the freshness of your carpets. A steam cleaner works on the same grounds as a vacuum cleaner, with the only difference being that it first injects a spray of hot water, while its bristles rake up the dirt. The resulting dirty water is sucked into the cleaner giving your carpet a new look. Read below to learn how you can give your carpets a new life by steam cleaning.
Steam Cleaning Carpets
Materials Required
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Steam Cleaner
  • A Bucket of Hot Water
  • Measuring Cup
  • Carpet Cleaning Solution
  • Clear the carpet of all the furniture. This will allow you to effectively clean the carpet without any obstacles. Also most of the dust, debris and mites in the carpet lie under the furniture. If you steam clean only a part of the carpet, then the un-steamed areas of the carpet will become more visible because of the contrast between the clean and un-cleaned areas of the carpet.
  • Before starting the process of steam cleaning, vacuum the entire carpet so that the larger dirt particles and debris are removed. This will also prevent the bristles of the steam cleaner from getting clogged by the debris.
  • Now, take some carpet cleaning solution in a measuring cup and pour a little bit of it in the stained and soiled areas of the carpet.
  • Take one cup of the carpet cleaning solution and pour it in the container of the steam cleaner. Then fill the container with the hot water.
  • Plug the extension cord of the steam cleaner in a power outlet. Start the steam cleaner and work across the carpet in a set pattern like moving out from the center to the outwards, or in straight lines.
  • You should move the cleaner forward and then bring it back so that you do not leave any part unclean. You must also take care that you do not saturate the carpet with too much steam. To avoid this, keep the steam cleaner moving across it.
  • Once the entire carpet is steam cleaned, leave it to dry. To make the carpet dry faster, you can turn on the fan or leave the windows open. Do not walk on the carpet unless it is thoroughly dry. To test if the carpet has dried thoroughly, press your palm lightly into the carpet. If you don’t feel any dampness and your palm also stays dry, then the carpet can be used.

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