Bathrooms to some people are as good as personal spaces. Read your way through this article to find some interesting ideas on decorating bathrooms.

Decorating Ideas For Bathrooms

Your bathroom, in a way, defines your personality. That’s exactly why kids’ bathrooms look the way they do — cheerful and colorful. Are you not happy with the way your bathroom looks? Have you always wanted your bathroom to have a ‘personality of its own?’ Then, do something about it. There always is a way out. You can actually make your bathroom look as good as a high-end one without really having to dig deep into your pockets. A good-looking bathroom always strikes a unique balance between utility and aesthetics. It is important for a bathroom to have adequate light, storage facilities, standard fixtures and fittings and good ventilation. A bathroom has to pull off all these requirements while still managing to look pleasing to the eye. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on redesigning/decorating your bathroom or even planning on building a new one from scratch. What matters is this — you have got to fulfill your creative desires and do the same within your budgetary restrictions. You do not want to go overboard when decorating your bathroom. Go ahead, make your move. Explore this article for decorating ideas for bathrooms.
Bathroom Decoration Ideas
The color of your bathroom plays the most important role when it comes to decorating the same. You can have the best of everything in your bathroom, but if the color of the walls and tiles are mismatched, it’s only going to result in a bad looking bathroom. When deciding or re-deciding on a color for your bathroom, choose colors that are neutral. The color of your bathroom can actually make it look larger than it actually is and a lot better too. A bathroom that’s been painted with a warm and friendly color can also have a calming effect on you. Earthy colors are your safest bet. Also, when deciding on bath tubs, sinks, shower curtains or soap stands, maintain a certain flow of color. Contradicting colors in your bathroom will only undermine its ‘looks’.
Think Classy
When choosing a sink, a bathtub, mirrors or even the ‘throne’, make it a point to think classy. You can opt for a classic pedestal sink and a large bathtub if you think you have the space for one. This will make your bathroom look both classy and chic. Also, opt for a large mirror to make your bathroom look a lot bigger than it actually is. Avoid having any cabinets or shelves around the mirror; this will only make that space look cramped and cluttered. New hardware that includes faucets, cabinet knobs, tub accessories, and towel rods can help complete the classy look.
For an inviting appeal in your bathroom, you’ve got to make changes in the way the floor looks. However, that’s only if you are not happy with the way your floor already looks. Replace the present tiles with fresh looking ceramic 12x12 inch tiles with contrasting shades. The color of the tiles should go with the feel of your bathroom. You don’t want to have bathroom tiles that do not complement the dominating colors in your bathroom. Visualize the tiles on the floor of your bathroom before purchasing the same. Also, steer away from tiles that tend to look dirty and difficult to clean.
The Ceiling
You can do a lot of things to the ceiling of your bathroom that will actually help your bathroom look bigger and better. The ceiling is not the first thing that people notice in a bathroom, but illusion of a raised ceiling with painted lattices or molded designs can draw a lot of attention. You can fit in crown molding around the ceiling of your bathroom and paint it the same color as the ceiling to give it a royal look. You can also opt to paint stars, clouds, or any other design using light colors to give your ceiling and bathroom a creative and artsy look.
Get Rid Of Clutter
At the end of the day, a much cluttered bathroom will only look bad. Apart from looking messy, it can also cause a lot of inconveniences. Take the time to remove unwanted items from the walls, bath, and counters. Unnecessary fixtures and fittings have to be taken off to. This is where less is more. Replace heavy looking fixtures with streamlined or built in fixtures and fittings.

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