Design your bathroom on a beach theme to add a breath of freshness to its look & feel. Read this article to get beach themed bathroom decorating tips & ideas.

Beach Theme Bathrooms

Planning to creatively decorate your brand new bathroom or just plain bored with the simple white-tiled walls and flooring in the old one? Which ever the case, you can add a breath of fresh air to the bathroom by decorating it as per a beach theme. The entire array of things you generally see in a bathroom – walls, flooring, shower curtains, soaps, rugs, towels, etc. can be intelligently roped into the project to collectively portray a single idea or theme. However incase of a bathroom themed on a beach scene, just be careful that you do not go overboard with the idea.  
Beach Themed Bathroom Decorating Tips
Beaches may widely differ from each other, both in ambience and look. So you can begin by selecting a picture of a beach you like, in order to get idea on how to design your beach-themed bathroom. If you are somebody who travels a lot, you can actually pick interesting items like towels, bathrobes, etc. that will correspond to the beach theme in your bathroom. Also make a list of common things anybody would associate with a beach like palm trees, sand, water, rock, birds, sun and so on. Add these elements to the designs on the bathroom wall, roof and ceiling to create an authentic beach ambience.   
You can also choose to make a particular feature such as a palm tree or the blazing sun stand out from rest of the designs in the beach themed bathroom. For instance, there was this couple who had decorated their beach themed bathroom really interestingly. What they did was create an undulating mosaic pattern on the walls in varying shades of blue, which gave the feel of the movement of water along the beach, with its curving lines and brilliant blue monochromatic pattern.
If you are ready to walk that extra mile for creating the dream-like beach themed bathroom, you can shop for items that will help in creating that beach experience. For instance, you can look for and buy towels bearing beach scenes, soaps designed like a star fish, shell-shaped soap holders / bowls, good flip flips, wallpaper featuring scenes of the sea and sun, colorful bathrobes and other similar items. However, take care that you do not cram your bathroom with these items.  Infact, you can also design windows to blend in with the theme.
Colors play a very important role in creating a really cool beach-themed bathroom and so choose it very carefully. Typical beach bathroom colors are:
  • Blue for the water
  • Yellow for the sun
  • Tan for the sand
  • White for the surf
  • Gray and Brown for beach wood
  • Green for beach grass or palm trees
  • Pink for flowers or seashells
  • Red for buoys or boat stripes

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