A safari theme conveys an overwhelming attractive mood mixed with rugged timber furnishings and fine fabrics. Explore the article to the ideas for decorating your home the safari style.

Safari Theme Decorating Ideas

A safari conjures images of exploration and traveling. Basically, a safari lifestyle emphasizes relaxed living, offering the overall effect of a natural and comforting environment. Mixed with abstract and organic works of art, the safari theme creates a seamless blend of the natural along with the luxurious. The main attributes of a safari design are natural, organic materials combined with bold colors and patterns. Unique textures, patterns and colors encourage harmony with the environment. Various decorating ideas are available for decorating your home in a safari theme. Given here are a few creative ideas to get an exotic safari atmosphere to your home.
Decorating A Home In Safari Theme
  • To compliment the fabrics and pottery, use earthy tones like browns, rusts, golds and burnt oranges for the walls that are predominant throughout African safari decorations.
  • For the fabrics, you can choose plum, yellow, red, brown and black colors made from local plant dyes to create a beautiful color palette.
  • To mimic the scenery of African region, go for color schemes such as savanna golden browns and deep reds.
  • Furnish your home with island antiques in traditional color schemes such as periwinkle blues and jade greens.
  • You can also go for shades from sea, purples, pinks, sunsets and sunrises. 
Furniture and Fabrics
  • You can find safari themed furniture in a variety of different flavors and adorn them with different animal hides in leather, leopard spots, zebra stripes or tiger skin.
  • To complete the impressive look, opt for traditional hand-painted fabrics, woven wools and cotton textiles.
  • Another safari theme is decorating with the traditional rattan and bamboo that can be used in sofas, tables and chairs. Scatter some cushions in bright African prints and designs.
  • Mud cloth, made from dye out of fermented mud, decorated in colorful patterns or pictures of African tribal dancers, local animals and flora, is quite popular and unique to the African safari decorating.
  • You can use appliquéd cloths and embroidered velvets to decorate furniture and bedding.
  • For an authentic safari theme, add down-filled quilts and mosquito netting atop a four-poster bed.
  • To complete the African effect, use bed linens and cushion covers made of cotton lace and painted fabrics for adorning cushions and upholstery. 
Plants and Accessories
  • For an African theme, African Raffia, palm trees and bamboos are a must. Red roses, croton, Nandi flame, Lamu and other indigenous trees like jacaranda, frangipani, banana and grevillea palms enhance the theme.
  • You can have African wall hangings such as masks, animal skins or hand-forged copper works.
  • African candleholders, matchstick and incense holders, stained glass bottles, wooden fruit, water bowls, ivory horns, bamboo vases and Persian rugs all provide the comfort of a safari theme. 
  • Add a beautiful iron candelabra and rustic hurricane lamps.
  • For a soft and inviting glow, use plain or ornate wall sconces indoors, on verandas and courtyards.
  • Pendant lamps, animated animals, skin print lampshades and pineapple based lampshades convey the safari ambience.

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