Moroccan theme home decor is all about luxury and opulence. For decorating your room with Moroccan theme, use rich and bold colors everywhere. Some more ideas have been provided here.

Moroccan Theme Home Decor

Moroccan theme décor gives a rich and beautiful feel to the house, thus appealing to a person's sensibility and serving as a treat for the eyes as well. The charm of a Moroccan inspired design is immensely appealing. If you are planning to adopt the theme in your house as well, keep in mind that you will need to be bold enough to play with bright colors and luxurious fabrics. While decorating your home with Moroccan theme, remember to let the guests enjoy a nomadic feel. To know more about the theme, read on.
Moroccan Home Decorating Ideas
Go For Rich Colors
Rich and exotic colors are the key to decorating your room with Moroccan theme. Use warm shades of red, orange, purple and gold and eliminate all the neutral shades. In case you do not want to go ahead with re-painting, choose wallpapers in such colors. After giving your walls the rich look, give your attention to the ceiling, door frame and windows. Select complimentary colors for them, to coordinate with the look and feel of the entire room. Say no to white while choosing color shades!
Spread A Carpet
Without a carpet spread across the room, you won’t be able to savor the true Moroccan feel. While picking up carpets, choose colors on the lines of rich gold and brown. You can also choose shades that complement the rich colors of the walls.
Use Cushions & Curtains
Keep plenty of cushions, to add depth and texture to the décor. Remember to go for bold colors. In fact, you should buy a number of cushions and curtains, in a variety of textures and fabrics, creating an atmosphere of mystery. The curtains should be long and luxurious. They should flow down to the floor and give a feel of defying restraint.
Go For Exotic Accessories
Accessories or decorative items should comply with the rich look of the room. For embellishments, choose items like colored glass, silks, beaded fabrics and rich metallic pieces, which will evoke the feel of luxurious exoticism.
Reflect Warmth With Lighting
Go for low, soft light, which when mixed with the rich, sensuous style and décor of a room, diffuses a feeling of warmth. Use low wattage sconces or lanterns. To get the perfect look, you can also use candles, placed in colored glass containers.
Use Dark Wood Furniture
Dark wood furniture will complete a Moroccan theme home décor. Such furniture will beautifully unite with the rich color schemes of the room and add opulence and authenticity to the decoration. For picking up intricately carved pieces, you can check out the antique shops.
Provide Music & Scent
Moroccan theme home décor cannot be complete without offering something for all the five senses. Place a music system in the room and put some authentic music, in a low volume. Also, offer a gentle hint of rich incense and welcome your guests with a glass of delicious and rejuvenating mint tea.

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