Nothing can beat the perfume of a potpourri, especially when it is homemade. Know how to make potpourri and diffuse sweet fragrance all around your house, with the recipe given here.

How To Make Potpourri

Want to add fragrance to your home? Making a potpourri would be a great idea. Traditionally, potpourri is a mixture of dried flowers, leaves, seeds and other ingredients, which can be placed in open containers, like bowls or cups, letting their aroma spread across the room. You can make potpourri at home as well, keeping in mind the season and the décor styles. Once you come to know how to make potpourri, make customized ones, as per your own taste and preference. Before giving you the tips on how to make potpourri, let us have a look at the ingredients required for the same.
Homemade Potpourri Recipe
  • 4 - 5 cups Fragrant Dried Flowers, Leaves, Roots & Seeds
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup Dried Citrus Peels
  • 4 - 5 tbsp Crushed Spices (cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg or cardamom)
  • 5 - 6 drops Essential Oils
  • 2 tbsp Fixative (orris root or gum bezoin)
  • Texture Elements (bark, shells or pinecones)
  • Large bowl
  • Non-metal spoon 
Mix Ingredients
Start by mixing all the ingredients in a bowl. Fragrant herbs and flowers should be the primary ingredients. You can use chamomile, lavender, thyme, sage and rosemary, as these herbs make good potpourri. The flowers that are perfect for potpourri include roses, carnations, hibiscus, violets, sunfs, and lavender. To provide accent colors, use the petals of dried tulip or peony. Choose brightly colored flowers like gladiolus, to intensify the color of the potpourri. The petals of flowers should be lightly crushed, while cinnamon sticks, citrus peels and other spices should be finely chopped or broken into small pieces.
Blend The Mixture
While blending the mixture, make it a point to smell it. If it doesn’t smell satisfactory, keep on adjusting the ratios of herbs, until you feel that everything is fine. Then, go ahead with the next step.
Keep It In A Cool And Dark Area
After the mixture is done, keep it in a covered container. Allow the scent to develop, by keeping the container in a cool and dark area, for 4 to 6 weeks. Make sure you shake and stir the mixture every alternate day.
Arrange As Per Your Taste
You can now arrange the potpourri in the containers of your choice. You can place them in dishes, trays, baskets and even glass jars. Yet another option would be to fill sachets, using the homemade potpourri, and place them at strategic locations.
Now, after knowing how to make potpourri, you will immediately look out for dried leaves and herbs to make it at home. Rest assured, the aroma and fragrance of your potpourri will surely be loved by all those who visit your house.

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