In case you are looking for instructions to build mouse traps, this article will serve your needs perfectly. Read on to explore steps on how to make a mouse trap.

How To Make Mouse Trap

There are many people in this world who prefer to keep mice as pets. However, majority of the people out there consider mouse to be an annoying creature, which can bring about a lot of damage in the house. So, they prefer getting rid of the creature, if and when it happens to make a home inside their abode. If you are also suffering from the problem of mice inside your house or yard, it is the time to make a trap and catch hold of the pesky little thing. The steps on how to make a mouse trap, given in the following lines, would prove to be handy in this regard.
Instructions To Build Mouse Traps
To Kill The Mouse
  • First of all, you will need to get a bucket or container that can be used to store at least five gallons of water.
  • Now, fill the bucket or container, up to three-fourth, with water. You can also add dish soap to the water, if you want to kill the mouse quickly.
  • Get hold of the bucket and place it in the particular area of your house or yard where you are suffering from the mouse menace.
  • Place a long piece of wood or plastic, which reaches the floor, against the rim of the bucket. This will serve as the ramp to the bucket.
  • When you add a ramp the bucket, make sure that one of its end reaches the top of the bucket, but does not go above the rim, and the other touches the ground.
  • Drop some crumbs of eatables in the water as well as the ramp leading to the water. Make sure that the crumbs are enticing enough to make the mouse climb up the ramp.
  • Leave the bucket, and the place where it is placed, undisturbed overnight. Check the bucket in the morning. Most likely, you will find a dead mouse in the bucket.
  • Dispose off the body of the dead mouse and dump the water outside. If you need to catch another mouse, prepare a fresh trap again. 
To Catch The Mouse 
  • Get a plastic shaped tube, big enough for a mouse to crawl through. Fold one of its sides in such a way that it lays flat, resembling a tunnel you drive through, on a road or train track.
  • Place a table in the area you would be making the mouse trap. Now, place the tunnel on the table in such a way that 1/4 of the tube is on the table and the rest 3/4th hangs off the end.
  • Take a tall, heavyweight bucket or can and place it can directly beneath the area where you placed the tunnel on the table, in a way that the hanging, 3/4th end of the tunnel is right above the bucket.
  • Place some food inside the tunnel, such as seeds, cracker crumbs or peanut butter. The food needs to be placed on that end of the tunnel which is hanging off the table.
  • Leave the tunnel, bucket and the place where they are placed undisturbed overnight. Check the bucket in the morning. Most probably, the mouse will be trapped there. 
  • Dispose the mouse in the morning, in an area far away from your home. If you need to catch another mouse, prepare a fresh trap again.

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