Catching the mice in your house is a must to prevent their infestation, which can be a real botheration. Read this article for exploring the best way on how to catch a mouse.

How To Catch A Mouse

Mice infestation in your house is surely a cause of worry, as they bring along a lot of diseases. These hideous and repulsive creatures are not only scary for children, but might as well startle the adults. A mouse may begin with eating your food and proceed to your clothes, books and furniture, to become a real bothering pest. There is also a great danger that it may contaminate your leftovers in the kitchen and spread deadly diseases. In case you are suffering from mice infestation in your house, this article is just perfect for you. Read on to know how to catch a mouse and get rid of the little pest.
Best Way Of Catching Mice In Your House
When trying to catch a mouse, the first thing that comes to mind is a mouse trap. You can use a glue trap for the same. One good strategy to be applied in case of the glue trap is to place it against the wall, instead of just letting it stand on the floor. When it is placed against the wall, the mouse will be forced to touch the glue, to access the bait (cookie or peanut butter) on the other end. The glue trap will fall flat on the floor when the mouse struggles and stick to the latter’s body.
Additional Tips
  • Take care to cover the mouse entry points. Mice generally thrive in the outsides of a home, before making their way into it, where they make themselves comfortable. Therefore, it is important to inspect the house and track the entry points for mice. Once you have done so, you can cover these areas. You can also place the mouse trap or rat poison in the same locations.
  • Having a cat as a pet will also help you in the battle against the agile and smart mice, quick to escape all catching attempts. A cat will drive mice out of the house and keep them away.
  • Try to keep your dwelling as clean as possible. In particular, keep your kitchen clean and free from leftover food and eatables. Dirty surroundings and carelessly thrown food invites mice. Therefore, try to clean your kitchen after every use. Make sure that your garbage is frequently disposed off.
Rat Poison
A viable option is to use rat poison, which is mostly seen as a last resort against the frustrating pests. However, it is also the most effective way of getting rid of mice. The disadvantage associated with this technique is that it takes a few hours to show effect. It is highly likely that the mouse will die in the oddest locations in the house. One will only get to know the mouse’s location once its starts decomposing, by tracing the smell. When you use rat poison, ensure that there are no small children in the house. Keep the house pets away as well, since they might eat the poison accidentally.

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