Catching a lizard in your house can be a troublesome task for some. Check out the tips given below and know how to catch a lizard without using your hands.

How To Catch A Lizard

A lizard is one of the uninvited pets in a house. It is not necessary that you will find a lizard sticking around the walls and ceilings of your house only when you have them as pets. They just storm into houses and buildings from the wild and make the place their home. However, once they run around loose, catching them becomes a big chase. Many people are scared of these slimy obnoxious creatures. There have been instances when the lizards have slipped from the walls and fallen on ground, presenting a petrifying sight. If you are looking for some help on how to catch a lizard, read the tips given below, which will surely make the task easy for you. 
Catching a Lizard Without Using Your Hands
Method 1
  • 3-foot long Stick
  • Dental Floss
  • Feather 
  • Take at least a 3-foot long stick.
  • Cut off a piece of dental floss as long as the stick.
  • Tie one end of the floss to the stick and make a slip knot on the other end. When you are done, your tool should look like a crude fishing pole.
  • Carefully move close to the lizard, so that you can touch it with the slipknot. You will discover that the lizard will not budge, even if you hit it with the string. It is supposed to be more worried about your proximity than the stick.
  • Move the stick closer to the lizard until the slip knot slides around its neck. This may require some effort, so make sure you keep distance from the lizard to accomplish your task.
  • Pull the stick gently, once you have hooked the lizard. The lizard will now move around and try to get loose.
  • Get hold of the lizard as quickly as possible and turn it onto its back and rub its stomach gently with a feather. This will incapacitate the lizard.
  • Once you are able to calm the lizard, remove the knot from its neck, still rubbing its stomach. Now, set it free outside 
Method 2
  • Yardstick/ Wooden Spoon
  • Plastic Storage Container (sandwich size or larger than the lizard)
  • A piece of Sturdy Paper/Card Stock (larger than the container) 
  • Use the stick/wooden spoon to maneuver the lizard onto a flat surface. Keep gently tapping the stick behind the lizard, to make it move. Take care not to poke the lizard.
  • Position the plastic storage container over the lizard. You will have to do this very carefully, in order to avoid slamming the container on the lizard. 
  • Now, carefully slide the paper/card stock under the container. Shake the paper, while sliding it in, so as to encourage the lizard to hop on to it. Ensure that the paper firmly blocks the lizard inside the container.
  • You will have to lift the paper and the container alongside. Carry the lizard outdoor and release it on the ground. Make sure that the lizard is released far from your house.

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