Building a mosaic table is a creative activity, which can be quite fun filled. Check out how to make your own mosaic table.

How To Make A Mosaic Table

If you’re a creative person, who has a knack for artistic things, then you will definitely love to make a mosaic table. An exquisite mosaic table can prove to be an ideal piece of decoration as well as a utility object that will spruce up your décor instantly. Moreover, if you make the table on your own, nothing will be able to match up to the art piece. Building a mosaic table is extremely easy and does not involve much hassle. All it requires is a little patience and ingenuity. If this has pepped you enough, read on to know how to make a mosaic table top.
Make Your Own Mosaic Table Top 
  • Take a sturdy table, which is capable of handling the weight of the tiles and grout, and isn't too heavy.
  • Clean the table and apply a weather sealant, if you wish to keep the table outside.
  • To deck it up, purchase inexpensive ceramic bathroom tiles from the nearby hardware store. You can choose colors that coordinate well with your décor or surroundings.
  • Take a cloth bag and place the tiles inside. Shatter them with the hammer, to attain the desired size for your project. You can even utilize broken pieces of pottery or dishes, by breaking them down into small, workable pieces.
  • Take the small pieces and arrange the broken tiles on the table top. Make a pattern, border or design with the help of the pieces, so that it looks attractive.
  • Employ different textures by adding glass pieces to the project, to make it more creative and intriguing. Keep 1/8 of an inch space in between, to leave room for grout.
  • To stick the mosaic pieces to the table top, use cement glue or a strong adhesive. For more precision and safety, follow the package directions. Also, make sure the adhesive completely dries off before you grout.
  • As per the package directions, mix grout in the trowel.
  • With the help of the putty knife, push grout into all the cracks. Wipe excess grout with a damp cloth, before it dries on the tiles.
  • If necessary, add another layer of grout to make the table top surface even.
  • Make sure all excess grout is removed as once it dries off, it'll be extremely difficult to remove.
  • After the grout is completely dry, seal the mosaic as per the directions. Do this in a well ventilated area and provide plenty of time to dry it, before you start using the table.

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