Elegant table settings reflect a great degree of sophistication in them. Read the article to get some bright ideas for setting your dinner table in an elegant way.

Elegant Table Settings

Preparing an elegant table setting is not a time consuming task, as most of the people think it to be. The flair and sophistication of an elegant setting can be brought to your dining table as well, no matter whether you are hosting a simple or a lavish feast. All you need is a little bit of creativity and the right choice of tableware. In addition to it, you should know how to coordinate the flatware, with the dishes. It is easy to set an elegant table within minutes, once you get a hang of it. Read on to explore some great ideas for an elegant table setting.
Elegant Table Setting Ideas 
  • Attractive stemware glasses and stoneware dishes will be the perfect choice for an elegant table setting. You don’t have to buy them at an expensive department store. Search for tableware sets at garage sales and discount stores, where they are available at reasonable prices.
  • To serve a full course meal, you will require flatware, dishes and glasses. A typical five piece flatware includes a soup spoon, tea spoon, salad fork, dinner fork and knife. In order to complement these, you will require a cup, saucer, bread plate, salad plate/bowl and dinner plate.
  • Another important inclusion is a tablecloth made of linen. The tablecloth that you use should be ironed properly. An elegant table setting also includes a floral bouquet, which can act as the centerpiece.
  • The glasses, in which chilled beverages are served, should be placed on the right side of the dinner plate, which is kept at the center.
  • The knife shall be placed at the right hand side of the dinner plate and the fork, positioned on the left side.
  • Keep the salad plate/bowl on the top side of the dinner plate.
  • The napkin, neatly folded, should be placed over the dinner plate. Napkins neatly wrapped in rings will further add to the sophistication of the table.
  • China tea cups and saucers are wonderful additions to an elegant table setting. They can be used for after dinner tea or coffee drink.
  • You may place scented decorative candles on the table. This will add to the elegance of the entire setting.
  • Fresh seasonal flowers can make beautiful centerpiece for the table. You can also make a centerpiece on your own by filling a bowl with fresh petals of flowers, floating in water. Prepare the decorative item depending upon the size of the table. Make sure that the centerpiece doesn’t obstruct the view of your guests.

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