Creating the perfect personal space for your teen will be your priority, when you figure out the design for his/her bedroom. Go through the article and get design ideas for teenager bedrooms.

Teen Bedroom Designs


Designing a teenager's bedroom is a fun and interesting project, which involves a little bit of creativity and ingenuity. If you want to create a special “chill-out-zone” for your teenager, the room should be designed according to his/her needs, interests and priorities. Discussing with the teen will help a great deal in coming out with wonderful ideas, which you may inculcate in the plan. If you want to create the perfect private sanctuary for your teen, read the article and explore ideas for the best teen bedroom designs.
Design Ideas For Teenager Bedrooms
Developing the bedroom will become a fun experience, if you involve the teen in the task. Discuss the design of the room with your child. Incorporate the ideas into your plan. Discussing the ideas will let you create a space that is personalized according to his/her taste.
Activity Area
Your teenager may like to include activity areas for grooming, studying and exercising in the bedroom. Including such activity areas in the place will make it a multi-functional room for your teen.
The furniture included in the bedroom mainly includes a bed and a wardrobe. You may also include a study table and a dressing table. The wardrobe shall be positioned in front of the bed. The location for the dressing table shall be just next to the door of the attached toilet. Make sure that all the furniture is placed a few inches away from the wall.
If your teenager needs to access the computer on a regular basis, assign a desk for the same. Choose a table, with drawers, to accommodate the stationery items. He/she may keep the books inside the shelves, provided in the computer table. Make sure that the table and the chair perfectly fit into the assigned area, without occupying much space.
Storage Space
Storage should be prioritized for your teen’s bedroom. Include under the bed storage bins on wheels, in the plan. You may also include wall mounted shelves, where he/she can store his books and other items.
  • Avoid the use of heavy furniture in your teenager’s bedroom. Multi-function furniture is the best choice. Choose a bed with drawers or an attachable shelving area in it.
  • A sufficient amount of space should be left between the wardrobe and the edge of the bed.
  • Keep the bedding as the focus of the room and arrange the rest of the furniture accordingly.
  • Spice up the bedroom with bright throw pillows, lamps with dangling jewels, picture frames and other decorative items, such as wall hangings.

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