Choosing a room theme for teenagers is both easy and hard, taking into consideration their changing tastes. Given here are some theme ideas that can help you in adorning your teen’s bedroom.

Room Themes For Teenagers

Decorating a teen’s bedroom can be a challenge, since they are growing and changing everyday. An idea loved by them today is likely to be ostracized the next day. You need to understand that these young adults always want a bedroom that is neither too old fashioned and nor too mature. Remember, a bedroom for a teen is just like a sanctuary, where he/she can relax and unwind. Considering what your teenager wants to include in his/her room, there are different themes that you can take on, while designing the bedroom. The themes will surely help you create a space for teens that they will accept and can call their own. Go through the list of room theme ideas given below. Choose one that your teen loves and have fun decorating his/her room.
Teen Bedroom Themes
Big City Style
In case your teen is inspired by any of the big city destinations like New York, Las Vegas, London, Paris or any other, you can add framed photos of the city on the walls. For an imperial touch, add black and white photos. Add accessories like knick knacks of the teens’ city choice.
Surf’s Up
For a fun and relaxed motif, go for beach or surfing theme. Add Hawaiian decorations like flower or palm tree fabrics, tiki material, ukuleles and bamboo. Work the room with images of surfboards or actual surfboards for a perfect beach touch. To fill up a large empty wall, mount a surfboard on the wall to make a headboard. Thereafter, create a storage shelf underneath. Other contemporary sports that your teens are likely to love include skateboarding, snowboarding and motor cross.
Gift your young adults a funky room by using camouflage fabrics for bedding or window treatments. These camouflage materials can be found in traditional military colors or you can even use colorful palettes like blue or pink. Add a mosquito net canopy for a cool look. Include accessories like camouflage netting on windows or ceilings, ammo cans for storage, and helmets or canteens as wall art.
Modern and Funky
Create a modern style room that any teenager will love to endorse. Select bright colors and geometric shapes or patterns as part of this theme. Choose metal furniture like brushed nickel bed frames or loft inspired furniture to complement this theme. Metal locker systems or metal shelves that double up as storage and wall art available in a range of colors are other accessories to choose from.
Sports theme suits either gender equally. In case your teen is a football player, opt for bedding with a football theme. Fill the walls with prints of famous football players. Other sports themes to choose from include cricket, basketball, tennis or badminton. If your kid has won medals in any sport, create a special cabinet that can highlight the medals. Also place framed pictures of your teens playing the sport as well.
This theme works great for teen girls. For a unique and stylish room, opt for a preppy theme by focusing on colors like white, pink and kelly green. Select bedspreads in a plaid or madras pattern. Other patterns like pink polka dots on white fabric, on lampshades and window treatments can be also be adorned throughout the room. 

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