A pellet stove requires regular cleaning to ensure its optimal performance and safe operation as well. Read the article to find some tips on how to clean a pellet stove.

How To Clean Pellet Stove

Pellet stoves are a new and very popular way for providing heat. A pellet stove is a stove that contains wood or biomass pellets that are tightly compacted and dense thus, causing it to burn very efficiently and powerfully. While pellet stoves are cheap, easy to manufacture and have a very low pollution rate, they require proper care and maintenance to burn cleanly and efficiently. Although pellet stoves are the cleanest burning of all solid fuel heating appliances, they too produce some burn residue, which calls for cleanliness and maintenance. Since they are loaded with fuel pellets that burn continuously, they should be cleaned on a weekly basis, especially during the winter season, when they are more frequently used. A pellet stove can be easily cleaned with very less effort. Read on further to learn tips for cleaning a pellet stove.
Tips For Cleaning A Pellet Stove
Remove Ash
Remove the accumulated ash from the burned pellets, using a brush and dustpan or a small scoop shovel. Perform this cleaning, while the stove is cool. By doing so, you will be able to see the carbon deposits clearly, thereby making further cleaning easy. In case you are willing to add the partially burnt pellets to the new pellets, remove them from the stove and keep them aside. You can place them in the stove after you are done with the cleaning process. Discard the cold ash into a plastic bag and put it in the garbage can.
Remove Carbon Deposits from Burn Pot
During the heating process, hard carbon deposits are likely to build in the stove’s burn pot. The deposits stick to the inside surface of the stove, thus making it necessary for cleaning. Using the cleaning tool provided with the stove, scrape the deposits from the burn pot surface. In case you do not have a cleaning tool, you can use a stiff wire brush, a putty knife or a chisel also for this purpose.
Remove Carbon Deposits from the Exchange Tube
Use the stove’s level placed at the front or top of the stove to remove carbon deposits in the exchange tube. Simply push and pull the lever and it will scrape away the carbon deposits. Continue with this process, until the lever starts operating smoothly.
Remove Ash from the Stove Pipe
Remove the ash collected on the inside walls of the stove pipe, using a stove pipe brush. In case you have a T connection, open the T connection door and remove the ash using the same stove pipe brush.
Clean Carbon Deposits and Debris from the Stove
All the carbon deposits scraped from the burn pot and exchange tube are to be removed now. Also remove any debris, ashes and dust that are remaining in the stove. This collected debris and carbon deposits should now be deposited in the plastic bag which contains the ash.
Clean the Stove Window
Place some liquid glass cleaner or warm water on a piece of cotton cloth, along with few drops of liquid detergent. Clean both the sides of the stove window with this cloth. Wipe the window dry using a dry cloth.
Clean Blower Motor
Finally, clean the blower motor and fan with a small, soft brush. If you find any dust or debris behind or around the motor and fan, dust it off too.

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