With some innovations and tricks, you can make your bathroom look exotic. Read on to know creative towel rod ideas.

Creative Towel Rod Ideas

A bathroom is more than a place to unleash your nature’s call. It is a secret hideout and a place where you can unwind your emotional efflux and probably this is the reason why it is also called as ‘rest room’. Though bathrooms are the most used rooms in a house, when it comes to interior decorating the bathroom, many people draw a blank. Although giving a complete overhaul to the bathroom may cost a pretty penny, for making your home look more beautiful, you need to give some personal touches to your bathroom, which can add on to the glamorous look. Everyone uses bathroom every day, so that makes a good reason to have a well-decorated bathroom space. You really need to work out how you can ensure the harmonious flow in this often occupied area. Along with considering the aesthetic outlook, you need to take care of the ergonomics and the functionality too. You can revamp the bathroom by adding extra fittings and fixtures. A bathroom towel rod is such a thing. A bathroom towel rod is not only handy but a creative one would give a face-lift to the bathroom. Given here are ideas of creative bathroom rods. 
Tips For Creative Towel Rods 
Since you are all set to renovate your bathroom, why not give it a personal touch by fixing a towel rod in the bathroom that is quite creative and unique. Check out some interesting ways of making towel rods. 
  • Bamboo reeds are one good choice. Mount on different colored hooks on it to give an eclectic look.
  • The ladder that you are planning to dispose can make a wonderful towel rod and that too for many people.
  • Why to waste the curtain rod, when it can add on to the look of an empty looking wall in your bathroom. You can place two curtain rods; one meant for washcloths the other for towels.
  • Your grandfather’s old walking stick that he no longer uses or the cane sticks that you found in the storeroom can make some natural towel rods. This can be used both at kitchen and in the bathroom.
  • Log furniture is the look of the day. You can pick up out of the ordinary looking branches and brawny sticks and transform them into creative towel rods. Fix some coat hooks on to it and your perfect towel rod is ready.
  • If you are attempting a rustic look for the towel rod, why not tie a rope between two metal pegs. Make it more fanciful by adding clothespins to the rope.
  • An iron Sheppard’s crook can redefine the look of a towel rod especially in a bathroom. You can either fix several of them vertically or go for the traditional look by placing it horizontally.
  • A freestanding coat rack can be an unusual yet beneficial towel rod for towels, bathrobes, or aprons and dishtowels.
  • You can think of using broomsticks as towel rods too! You can tie it to a wire and anything from paper towel to aluminum foil can be placed on it.
  • You can give a nautical theme to your bathroom by using a fishing rod.
  •  A hockey stick can provide a sports theme.
  • You can also give it a jungle look by attaching a spear as the towel rod.

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