Check out some simple tips on removing urine stains and smell from mattress.

How To Remove Urine From Mattress

Imagine how you would feel if your little bundle of joy thought your expensive mattress to be his/her private urinal. It is bad enough to have to clean a bedspread that has been flushed with urine but it is unimaginable to have to clean it from the mattress – because after the fluid has penetrated the mattress, it is difficult to get rid of it. Then, the only option left for you, as you may feel, is to buy new mattresses, which might cost you another fortune. Is that what you are thinking? Do not worry, you won’t have to purchase a new set of mattresses, you can just clean the ones that have become dirty. It may take some effort, but it is not impossible. Here’s how to remove urine from the mattress.
Removing Urine Stains And Smell From Mattress 
Here’s how to get rid of the stain as well as the smell of urine from a mattress:
Removing Stain After It Dries 
Here’s how to remove the stain from the mattress after it has dried up:
  • The first thing you need to do is to dampen the affected area, but you must be careful not to saturate it, as too much wetness will spread the urine and make cleaning difficult for you.
  • After you make the affected area reasonably wet, sprinkle borax powder heavily over it, and make sure it is fully covered.
  • Rub borax into the mattress and work it well into the spill or the stain.
  • Allow the mattress to dry up completely; put it in the sun for about a whole day
  • After it dries out, vacuum the borax powder.
  • When the smell of borax disappears from the mattress, you can bring it back to the bed. 
Removing Stain When It Is Still Wet 
If the stain is fresh and you would like to get rid of it now, here’s what you need to do: 
  • Blot up all of the urine, or as much as you possibly can
  • Next, dampen the area as much as you think would be fine in order to dilute the urine and blot out more of it, repeat until very little odor stays. One can use rubbing alcohol in order to kill the bacteria present in the urine. Vinegar is also effective for the same purpose.
  • Allow it to dry out completely; leave it in the sunshine or in a dry and well-ventilated area. 
Removing Urine Smell From Mattress 
Sometimes, even after the stain has been cleared from the mattress, the smell of urine remains. In such cases, a different approach could prove to be more fruitful. Here’s what you can do to get rid of urine smell from the mattress:
  • To begin with, open the windows of the room and let the air move in so as to help dry the mattress. Turn on the ceiling fan as well.
  • Then, clean the mattress using a carpet and upholstery cleaner. You could also scrub it with a soft cloth and then soak up any excess fluids left in it with a dry, soft towel.
  • Take the mattress out in the sun and let it air dry completely. This may take about a whole day, depending on how wet you made it.
  • Next, spray the mattress with an odor remover spray. You must make sure to cover the entire area and a little bit outside of it. Finally let it dry for about a whole day.
  • If the odor persists, sprinkle baking soda over it. Let it sit for a whole day and then vacuum it off.

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