Chinook is one amongst the sled dog breeds found in the New England region of the United States. Go through this article, to explore information about Chinook dogs.

Chinook Dogs

Breed: Sled dog breed
Height: Male: 23 - 27 inches; female: 21-25 inches
Weight: Male: 70 lbs (31 kg); female: 55 lbs (25 kg)
Coat Type: Dense double coat
Chinook dogs are one of the rarest breed of dogs developed in the New England region of the United States, in the early 20th century. Chinooks have a compact muscular frame that well suit this gentle sled dog breed. The canines have a well-balanced body with deep chest; moderate bone structure and a prominent flexible musculature. These dogs are calm and friendly in nature and make a good pet. Currently, there are 800 Chinooks registered with the United Kennel Club and around 100 born each year. However, not long before, there was a time when there were as few as 28 Chinooks, with only 11 dogs that were fit for breeding. To know more about the history, appearance and temperament of Chinook dogs, browse through the following lines.  
The history of this breed of dog goes back to Arthur Walden’s famed lead dog, Chinook that was born in New Hampshire on 17th January, 1917. This famed lead dog of Arthur, a descendant of mixed parentage, was tawny with a black mask. It was derived from the crossbreeding of Greenland Husky with a large, tawny Mastiff-like male. Chinook was intelligent and powerful, packed with a good endurance, speed and friendly nature - all the qualities that Walden was trying to develop in a sled dog. He was a great lead dog and was also known for his gentleness towards children. To multiply the breed, Chinook was bred to German Shepherds and Belgian Sheepdogs, Canadian Eskimo dogs and other breeds. The offspring were then bred back to Chinook and to each other to create the Chinook breed. The resultant breed of dogs created was considered to be quite sportive. Walden, with Chinook in lead and his Chinook dog sled team, was the first to successfully climb Mount Washington.
The Chinook is a muscular and balanced breed of dog, with 55 to 90 pounds of weight and a length of about 21 to 27 inches. The dogs have a medium length double coat, which is tawny in color. They have black markings on the inside corners of the eyes, on the ears and muzzle. Their tail has black guard hair which is well-furred. Chinooks have brown to amber colored eyes. Ear carriage is variable that drops down. The head is strong and rectangular, stronger than other sled dogs.
The breed is said to be calm, non-aggressive and very friendly. This breed has always been kind to strangers and children. They get along well with other breeds of dogs and other animals. In short, one can say that Chinooks are an intelligent breed of sled dogs.
Genetic Disease
Chinook dogs suffer with certain common diseases like epilepsy, canine hip dysplasia and eye defects which is common in almost all breeds of dogs. This breed of dog needs a good care with regular exercise.
Chinook’s have a medium-sized dense double coat, which usually does not require much grooming. However, there are some specimens of this breed that happen to be heavy shedders. It is important for the owners to brush their coat regularly in the shedding season, which will also help them in the shedding process.

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