Do you want to know how to repair a tattered towel? If yes, then go through the article and get instructions on repairing torn towels.

How To Repair A Tattered Towel

Old towels can be put to a number of uses. Not only for dusting, you can use the worn out and torn towels as rags for washing your automobile as well. You may now think how an old towel, with worn out and tattered edges, can be reused. The answer is very simple. All you need to do is make some alterations in the towel. The result will be positive - you will bring out a piece of cloth that can be reused repeatedly. Do not worry about the tattered edges being tangled when laundered; because once you secure the edges of the towel with a stitch or a tape, the thread won't come out. Learn how to repair a tattered towel, with the instructions and tips given below.
Repairing Torn Towels
Stitch The Edges
  • A good way to put the tattered towel into use is to stitch its ends.
  • Before stitching the edges, trim the worn out edges of the towel, using a sharp pair of scissors.
  • Now, fold the edges to a ¼ inch thickness and sew them. Give decorative patterns to the edges, by securing them with a zigzag stitch.
  • By now, you will not only have secured the threads of the tattered towel, but also given the piece of cloth a refreshed look.  
Bias Tape
  • A way to repair a tattered towel is to enclose its edges using a bias tape.
  • Measure the length and breadth of your towel.
  • Cut bias tape according to the measurements taken in the previous step.
  • Place the narrower side of the bias tape on the top of the towel.
  • Now, sew the tape onto the towel.
  • Make sure that you secure all the edges of the tattered towel with the tape and the stitch. This way, you will be able to give a refreshed look to your towel and reuse it. 
Rotary Cutter
  • Trim the edges of the tattered towel, using a rotary cutter.
  • Now, fold ½ inch of the trimmed edges of the towel.
  • Stitch the folded edges using a sewing machine.
  • If you want to utilize the towel in the best way, cut it into small squares, the size of rags, for car washing and polishing the furniture, before stitching the edges. 
  • Hand stitched edges can wear out easily. Hence, it is always wise to use a sewing machine for the purpose.
  • You should stitch the edges of the tattered towel in such a way that they are able to withstand frequent laundering, after they are being repaired.
  • Tattered towels can make great cleaning and dusting rags. If you have a tattered bath towel, cut it down to the size of a hand towel (tear equal squares or rectangles), stitch its edges and use as a dusting rag.
  • The best way to test whether the stitches of a towel are firm or not, is to launder it once. If you feel that the stitches have worn out, repeat the process of cutting its edges and stitching it once again.

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