One of the best ways to renovate a bathroom is to provide a rustic look to its décor, say through a country style like. Go through the article and get some ideas for country style bathroom decorating.

Country Style Bathroom Decor

Using the country theme for your bathroom is a nice way to renovate the place. The rustic look of the room will provide a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Earthy tones for the walls, vintage accessories, soft lighting, wrought iron shelves for storage will enhance the beauty and elegance of the place, making your experience a relaxing one, every time you enter the bathroom. If you plan it out well, decorating your bathroom according to the country theme will be easy and fun. You can also get some ideas for country style bathroom décor in the lines below.
Country Style Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Country lighting fixtures will add the rustic charm to your bathroom. Replace the standard lighting fixtures with the ones that have been specially designed for the country theme, such as iron or wood wall sconces and vintage chandeliers. You can get them at any home improvement or vintage stores. To provide the soft lighting effect and pleasing aroma to your bathroom, consider adding one or two scented decorative candles. Purchase them from a vintage store, where you will get the apt design for country-style candles.
A warm color will create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere for your bathroom. Coordinate the color of the walls with the flooring and bath tub. You may also bring in a tinge of the colors to your towels, rugs and shower curtains. To add to the appeal, stencil a border or use the faux painting technique. Make sure that the paint you choose is water and fungus-proof.
Wall Decoration
Do not leave the walls blank. Add substance to the empty walls with a decorative shelf or cabinet, where you may store the towels, grooming products and other bathroom essentials. Illuminate the shelves with small antique lamps, to enhance the appearance further. Hang black and white photographs of folktales in plain wooden picture frames.
A nice option for storing the towels is basket. For the country theme, you may make use of wicker baskets. Neatly rolled towels, stored in the basket, would look really nice. For a relaxing country bathroom, you may opt for a pedestal sink. A round or oval shaped wooden framed mirror, over the sink, will add character to the place. Claw foot bath tub is the best bet for a country-style bathroom.
The accessories in the room should be well coordinated with the color of the walls. As far as the material is concerned, you may choose wrought iron or white cast iron for the towel bar and toilet paper holder. Wood also works well for the country style bathroom décor. Opt for punched tin for the switch plate and outlet covers.
Shower Curtain
Shower curtain plays an important part in defining the theme of the bathroom. A fabric curtain, protected with a vinyl liner, will be the best bet for your country style bathroom. Make the accessory even more elegant, by choosing floral patterns that would provide the desired rustic look. Decorative shower curtain hook will provide the finishing touch.
Flooring And Window Treatment
Vintage tiles are best suited for country-style bathroom décor. Add vintage style rugs or thick cotton throw rugs and mats to your bathroom, enhancing the country look of the room. Decorate the area with small, braided or oriental rugs in earthy shades. Make sure that the color chosen for the rugs coordinates with the walls. The window treatment for a country style bathroom should be simple. Make use of airy and light fabric, such as cotton, for the window curtains.

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