It is vital to protect your pet in summers, so that he doesn't suffer from heat stroke. With the useful tips given in this article, you will learn how to keep your pet safe during hot weather.

How To Keep Your Pet Safe During Hot Weather

Like humans, pets also suffer from heat strokes and dehydration in the summer season. They need to be given special care in the hot weather, especially when are sick or old, hairy and heavy. If you are the owner of a pet, it is your responsibility to protect it during the extreme climatic conditions. In case you are looking for the best way to protect your pet in summers, this article is just what you need. Check out the following lines and get tips on how to keep your pet safe during hot weather.
How To Protect Your Pet In Summers 
  • Keep your pet protected from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Apply a sunscreen lotion, fifteen minutes before going out, on the sun-sensitive areas of your pet, such as nose and ears. Make sure that the sun block contains at least SPF 15.
  • Never leave your dog in a parked car. In case you have to leave your pet in the car during an emergency, make sure that the air conditioner of the vehicle is still running. Park your car in shade. Activate the emergency brake and lock the doors. Do not forget to leave fresh and cool water for your pet, inside the car.
  • Your pet might suffer from heat strokes or over exertion, if you go out with him during the hottest times of the day. Therefore, it is suggested to take your pet for a walk either early in the morning, before 8.00 am, or in the dusk, after 6.00 pm.
  • Never ever let your pet play outdoors between 10 am and 4 pm, because the time represents the hottest period of a day.
  • While walking with your pet, avoid taking him on sidewalks, paved roads, rocky areas and beach sand. All these surfaces are too hot for his own good.
  • The best way to protect your pet on a hot sunny day is to dress it up with cool bandannas, vests and collars. In case of a dog, you can get him booties as well.
  • Make sure that your pet's house is well-ventilated and is located in a shady place. If possible, make use of a wired crate, with a cover, as the pet's house.
  • A pet tent is another option to consider, if you don't find any shady area in your yard. Apart from providing good ventilation, the pet tent will be portable and easy to fold and unfold.
  • Always provide your pet with a source of drinking water. Consider having a spill-proof bowl for the purpose.

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