Winters are approaching and protecting your home against the same is as important as protecting yourself. Explore this article to know how to protect your house in winters.

Protecting Your Home Against The Winter

Winters bring in freezing temperatures and snow. As you brace yourself against the chill, with those warm and heavy overcoats, you tend to forget that your home needs the protection too. Keeping your home warm is important to minimize the risk of unnecessary bother and unexpected happenings. With the chill shooting up with each passing day, it will be difficult for you to take steps at the last minute. So, it is advisable to prepare your home against the winter in advance. In case you are worried over the same, remember that a few simple steps are all you need to shield your home against anything - be it drifting snow, continuous rain or just cool, sunny days. Read the article further to know all about protecting your home against those chilly winters.
How To Protect Your House Against Winters
Before Winters 
  • Get your boilers checked during the summers to make sure that they will function properly during the winter season.
  • Prepare yourself for the worst conditions. Buy extra water, food, tissues, first aid supplies and flashlights for about a week or ten days. The necessary supplies should include a torch, batteries, candles, matches, insulation tape, fuses, radiator key, penknife and a screwdriver.
  • In case your area experiences winter storms, arrange for a generator at your home beforehand, in case of any power shortage. The generator will help keep your home warm in case of long power cuts.
  • Check your roof for any missing or cracked roof tiles. In case of flat roofs, check for puddles and keep an eye on chimney pots, satellite dish and TV aerials.
  • Get your fireplace in shape and do make sure to clean the chimney as well. This is very important.
  • Undertake proper inspection of the windows and windowpanes. In case you feel that some of them are not in good condition, it is the time to indulge in replacements. 
During Winters 
  • In freezing winters, less use of water pipes can make them freeze and eventually, break down. To avoid this, before going to bed at night, turn on the tap to a trickle. The running water will prevent the pipes from breaking.
  • The wood on doors can shrink due to cold temperature. At the same time, the door can possibly swing faster in winter, than in summer. This may make the door give way to drafts of air. So, be sure to fix all areas that present such a problem.
  • In case you have wooden floor, place a mat at the entrance. This will prevent any damage to the floor, from the snow sticking on to shoes.
  • Do not let condensation form on the inside of your windows, or it might cause rotting of the wood. For this, you need to dry the windowsills regularly. Another option is to go for double-pane windows.
  • Heavy snowfall can cause your porch to sag or collapse. Thus, it is essential to remove snow from the porch.
  • Clear the snow from the roof regularly. Snow accumulation can cause caving in of the roof. Hire a professional to remove the snow, in case you are not sure how to clear it safely.
  • Remove snow from your driveway on a regular basis. In case your area is prone to heavy snowfall, get a plow hired for the season, to get rid of the snow. You can use a shovel for the purpose, in case light snowfall takes place.
  • Check on the ice accumulation on your front door steps. Shovel the excess snow from the steps. After that, you can spread a large amount of salt on them, to avoid the formation of a sheet of ice.

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