Give your kids an unusual Disney room décor, with their favorite characters thrown in. Explore this article to know the different ideas for decorating your kids’ room with Disney theme.

Disney Kids Room Decor

Decorating your child’s room can be fun and easy, especially when it comes to Disney themes. Kids are obsessed with most Disney characters. Colorful and friendly, these characters prove to be a perfect theme for your kids’ room décor. The advantage of using Disney as a bedroom theme is that there is so much stuff to choose from that it actually makes it difficult to pick the best ones. The characters can transform your kid’s space into an expression of their fantasies and interests. Be it Mickey Mouse or Uncle Scrooge, the children would love to have their favorite characters as their companions. So, bring your kids’ room to life through the magic of Disney. Create a completely new world for them, while inspiring their growing imaginations. Explore the article to know the different creative ideas for Disney kids’ room decor.
Decorating Kids Room With Disney Theme 
  • Pick up a theme that your kid loves the most. The themes are plentiful in the world of Disney. Select a Disney character or movie. You can choose Mickey Mouse or Donald duck for smaller children, while a Disney movie like The Little Mermaid or the Cars would be perfect for older children.
  • Use Disney wallpaper murals or characters on your kids’ bedroom walls to enhance the theme. A scene from Snow White or images of Tinkerbell, Pooh bear, Cinderella, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Cars, or the fish from Finding Nemo can be used.
  • Almost all Disney characters are available on the bed sheets. You can choose Mickey Mouse, Princess Aurora, Winnie the Pooh, or The Little Mermaid for the young ones. For the older kids, the Lion King, the Cars or Cinderella can be used.
  • Disney blankets and curtains also play an important role in the themed bedroom. Choose them from Winnie the Pooh, Donald Duck, The Little Mermaid, Ducktales, Cinderella, or Tinkerbell - the list goes on.
  • Accessories come in next. Clocks, bean bag chairs, lamps and shelves can be used to further enhance your Disney design. Disney toys and magnets work great on cupboards, shelves and dressers.
  • Wall colors should be matched to the bedding. You can create an accent wall in the primary colors of the Disney theme. For example, use blue or red color for the Cars theme; pink and yellow for Cinderella and Snow White theme; blue, yellow and red for The Little Mermaid theme; black and white for The Dalmatians theme.
  • In case you are not willing to do a full mural, use posters of the Disney characters over the bed or the desk to make a nice focal point. Use frames to hang posters and keep them tidy, in good condition.
  • At a time, focus on one Disney character or theme only. Too many themes will make the room look chaotic.
  • In case you are using bedding and a mural, use just one accessory, so that the décor does not overpower.

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