Decorating your room as per a beach theme is the perfect way to create a relaxing cocoon. Read on further and get ideas for design and decor for beach theme room.

Beach Theme Room Design

When you think about beaches, the first image that comes into mind is that of gentle breeze, warm sunshine and perfect tranquility. In short, a beach almost always conjures the thought of relaxation and rest in the mind of an individual. How about bringing the beach right into your room? This way, whenever you come back from office, tired and weary, you will get relaxed just by entering your room. Are you thinking how will you achieve that? Simple - by decorating your room according to beach theme! In case you want some help regarding beach theme design for your room, make use of the tips provided below.
Beach Room Décor Ideas
One of the main areas where you need to pay emphasis is the color of the room. Think of beach and the first color that comes into mind is blue, which is light and breezy. Along with that, you can add the yellow of sunshine, beige of beach sand and even the color of shells. How you incorporate these themes in room is entirely up to you.
Accessorizing is one of the best ways to bring out the beach in your bedroom. Items like sea shells, ocean prints, and other seaside accents can definitely help create the perfect beach look for your room. Consider putting a nice beach theme frame on the corner stand and surrounding it with some sea shells. Like this, assemble different things together and create a look.
Prints and Photos
You can adorn your walls with prints based on the beach theme, along with some theme-based photos. You can put up a painting or picture of your favorite beach, in a sea-shell adorned frame. Whenever you put up a picture, make sure that its middle portion is at the eye level. You can also hang pictures in circular, triangular or rectangular grouping, to create a different look.
While decorating your room as per the beach theme, make sure that you pay enough attention to the lighting as well as light fixtures. For example, the lamps that you buy should be in accordance with the beach theme that you want to create. You can also try keeping clear glass lamps, filled with shells, or even the ones that are shaped like a light house.
Rugs and Pillows
Using the right rugs and pillows can do wonders for your beach theme. While purchasing the rugs, you need to be sure that they match with your beach accessories. For example, you can use beige colored rug to go with your light blue walls, creating the feel of water and sand. Use pillows to add texture to the room, while keeping it harmonious with the beach theme.
Window Curtains
Even the window curtains can help add to the beach look of your room. One of the best options is to buy sheer curtains in either one or two of the main colors that you have chosen for your room. In case you plan to use two colors, alternate between them while hanging the curtains. This will help in imparting a wispy, windswept feel to your room.

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