Give your baby his/her own space that ranks high in both comfort and style. Here are some baby room design theme ideas that would surely be loved by your little one.

Baby Room Designs

Designing your baby’s room perhaps is just as much thrilling as begetting them! Whether you are planning to have a peppy room for your little wonder or just a cozy space, just remember that the options are too wide and too many. No matter how you choose to do your baby’s room, comfort and safety should always rank high on the priority list. Once you have given enough attention to the safety features of your baby room, you may proceed to play with your creativity. Whether you choose custom made baby room or use homemade kids’ furniture, just remember to turn the room into a wonderland. Also, do not forget to consider your baby’s needs and individuality, while designing the room. While for baby girls, a room decked with everything pink, flowery, frilly and fancy may work; boys prefer to have a sporty, funky look for their rooms. If you are digging for ideas to do up your baby rooms, checking out the below designing options may help. Read on for more.
Baby Room Design Theme Ideas
For Baby Girls
Beautiful Barbie!
Soft and sweet, blushing and babyish - pink is indeed the cutest bet for doing up your little princess’ room. This pretty hue looks extremely girlish and peps up the coziness of a place like nothing else. So, if you are thinking pink for your little one’s room, how about opting for pink posy floral nursery theme, just like a Barbie room. Just go and grab furnishing, upholstery, bed spreads and other necessary items that are supremely done in pink. Accessorize the room with matching colored goodies, toys, wall embellishments and more. To jazz up your little doll’s space, you can put on wall chandeliers, bookshelves, furniture in white or fuchsia. These would add just the extra cuteness to the room. You can use pink colored striped rugs, pink girly floral paintings and baby girl rocking chair and loads of stuffed toys to enhance the decor. And yes, do not miss out to add loads of Barbie dolls too!
Old World Charm!
Are you hunting for exclusive décor ideas for your baby girl’s room? If you aren’t game for the traditional doll themes, how about opting for a vintage look to jazz up your baby’s own little space? Just paint the walls with warm pastel shades and add a white iron baby crib to the center. You can play up with warm textures like white, cream, pink, rose and peach to give the room a princess touch. You can also accessorize the space with vintage lamps, paintings and furniture in matching tones. For that extra dramatic appeal, a painting of a diamond tiara on one of the walls, a vintage pink colored princess bed and a fancy shaped princess mirror would be the best struck deal. As far as fabrics are concerned, it’s best to stick to silk and chiffon fabrics, instead of the usual cotton sheets.
For Baby Boys
Go Sporty!
Boys will be boys no matter even if they are just a day old! How about using a sporty theme to deck up your little sportstar’s own space? Who knows your kid might end up becoming a sportstar someday! For this kind of decor, you will need a bed that looks like a football or a rugby ball, or whatever sports suits your fancy. Keep the tiles green to resemble a pitch, court or snooker board. You can use wall embellishments like painting and wall hangings to resemble a trophy, medal or anything inspirational. Keep an eye on other furnishings that should tastefully blend with your sporty-decor. For the curtains, bed spreads, rugs and mats, you can use ones that have flags imprinted all over or faces of sportstars.
Fly High!
Of all the many ideas, one of the most exciting decor themes for your little hunk would be an airplane theme! Nothing boosts up a male spirit than speed and the thrill of flying high! Just paint the walls in shades of white and blue to lend the feeling of warm open sky. Just remember that everything in the room, right from the cot to drapes to furniture to floor mat should have airplanes in them. You can use blue colored linens as drapes for an airy surge. Choose between the various shades of blue to do up the decor. Deck the walls with posters, paintings and anything that has airplane in it.
Unisex Baby Room Designs
Well at times you just are just clueless on what’s coming up! If you are planning a room for your baby, but don’t know what to expect, taking a mid-way may help! Trying unisex baby room themes may work for you. You can play with themes like cartoons, tea-party, ocean or underwater life, animals or simply crayon colors. These baby room designs would certainly be sure shot winners. Just play up with the colors, accessories and furniture in a way that it gels well with the theme. Go ahead and make your baby smile!

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