Looking for ideas to spice up your love life? Decorating the room to make it sexy and stylish is a great way to do so. Read this article and find ideas & tips for a romantic bedroom decoration.

Romantic Bedroom Decoration Ideas

A bedroom is not just a place to rest and sleep, but a fantasy world of romance, wherein you can relax by getting cuddled up in your partner’s cozy arms. Moreover, it is a place filled with fragrance of love, as it allows you to share some intimate and romantic moments with your sweetheart. A romantic bedroom decoration is one that transforms your dull-looking bedroom into a love nest that pleases all your five senses. To create a romantic ambiance in your room, it is essential for you to focus on decoration accessories that enhance intimacy and comfort. The location of the bedroom, interior decoration and fragrance inside the bedroom all play an important role in creating the magical effect. Read on further to find some ideas and tips that can help you build the essence of romance in your bedroom. Go ahead and create some intimacy and comfort!
Decorating Ideas For A Romantic Bedroom
The right colors play the most important role in any romantic bedroom decor. Use soft pastel colors like pinks, light blues and lavenders for a feel of romance. For the walls, you can consider antique rose, sky blue or lilac. You can also opt for a peach or gold color scheme. If soft colors do not fascinate you, go bold by painting the walls in rich reds, dark blues or extravagant chocolates to enliven the room. Make sure that the color of the walls, bed sheets, pillows, etc. match with each other.
Lighting helps to enhance the perfect mood for romance. Fill up the corners with uplights that cast pleasant and faint shadows on the walls and ceiling. To complement the colors of the walls, place candles in varying heights on side tables and armoires. Drape the lampshades with rows of beading to give the lamps a subtle glow and cover the shade tops with a thin shawl. Crystal chandeliers also add to the romantic theme.
Fabrics are an integral part of a bedroom decoration and help in creating a perfect ambiance for romance. Wrap the window tops with silk scarves to serve as curtains. Use silky satin sheets for the bedding in dark shades, since they appeal to the eyes and are sure to attract your loved one. As for pillows, use plump and plush ones and cover them with silk pillow cases.
Flowers and Fragrance
Talk about romance and love and flowers cannot be left far behind. The eternal symbol of love and purity, presence of fresh flowers in the room instantly peps up romance in an individual. Arrange fragrant flowers in a vase and place them on the side table or on top of the chest of drawers. Spray some soft romantic perfume throughout the room to make your sweetheart go crazy, when he/ she enter.
  • Add up some accessories and accent pieces that play up with the whole romantic theme.
  • Use aromatherapy oil burners, plants, a beautiful throw rug, and layered window treatments to create a dark haven for an afternoon nap.
  • Drape gauze or netting over the headboard to add more drama. You can also add a canopy to encase the entire bed.
  • Play soft romantic music in your room to elevate your mood and add fire to your romance.
  • In case the loud noise outside your bedroom window disturbs, you hang thick curtains to soften the sound. Keep distractions such as television away to create a peaceful bedroom retreat.

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