If your home houses a home theater, chances are that you would want to deck it up so that it matches your cinematic verve. Here are some interesting decorating ideas for your home theater.

Home Theater Decorating Ideas

If you are a movie buff and do not want to compromise your cinematic experience for anything less than a 70mm wide screen, for a spellbinding cinematic feel, having your own home theater may be an excellent idea. However, to create a magical cinematic experience at home, you need just a little more than in-home entertainment system and a comfortable couch. Designing your home theater space to match your fervor and style, so that it speaks volumes about your cinematic fervor may be the ideal thing to do. While deciding on the decor of your entertainment space, keep a track on minute details like furnishings, color and finishes, lightning and so on. You can either play with your imagination to deck up your entertainment space or seek professional help for a more deluxe space. In case you opt for the former option, and want to put in efforts to deck up your entertainment hub, considering these interesting home theater decorating ideas may be of help. Read on for more.
Ideas For Home Theater Decor
  • To experience the true theater-like feel at home, you will need a space that offers limited daylight and cozy feel. You can use the basement or attic room to set up your home theater. In case you are setting up the home theatre in your living room, make sure you cover the windows with heavy shades or dark-colored curtains to get an actual theater-like experience.
  • Next important thing to consider is the flooring and color of your room. Agreed, that for the best cinematic experience, you need to put off the lights. However, a grandly set up home theater will just add up to the grand feel of your home view experience. You can use dark shades on walls or cover it up with ‘filmy’ wallpapers for a cinematic feel. As for lights, it's best to settle with dim lights for that perfect subtle ambience.
  • Nothing beats the experience of reclining on a comfy settee during your popcorn time. The kind of futon you choose for your home theater depends on the kind of gathering you wish to entertain. A large sofa will work for a gang of friends, while a comfy couch will provide just enough space for two of you to cuddle in. Recliners, ottoman and love seats are other interesting options you can settle for, while choosing the furnishings for your theater. Not only will it deck up your space, it will be high on comfort too. A raised-seating platform wrapped in plush fabric would help turn your space into swanky home theater.
  • You can use throw pillows to further glam up your entertainment space and add to the comfort quotient. Let loose your filmy instincts and grab up pillows that endorse prints in the form of film tickets, film reels, popcorns, clapboards and more.
  • You can deck up your cinema space with classic and contemporary film posters and related memorabilia to complement your style and space. It’s one of the easiest options to bring in a ‘filmy’ touch to your home theater. You can go for posters of some great all-time movies or of your favorite flicks that fit with your home theater decor.
  • You can also play up with the decor of your space by adding interesting wall artifacts to your room. You can chose from comedy/tragedy masks metal sculpture, Dolby digital metal sign, film reel, personalized wooden plaques and more.
  • Add a dash of style to your theater room with affordable media cabinets that are high on style and functionality. Your entertainment area is likely an area where you would like to unwind and entertain. Having wall panels, built-in racks and even wooden or glass shelves will glam up your space.
  • Accessorize your entertainment space with interesting add-ons like a pop-corn cart, ticket booth, filmy-style switch plates, theatrical clocks and more.
  • A cinematic experience is incomplete without popcorn. Having a popcorn popper in your home theater is a convenient way to serve up fresh hot popcorn to friends and family. 

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