The rustic style décor is amongst the newest home decoration ideas in vogue. Read to know about rustic home decorating style.

Rustic Decorations

Imagine a home with a unique rustic décor set amidst a contemporary setting! Well of late, a lot of people residing in the urban areas have taken up decorating their homes the rustic way. The color scheme, furniture, lightings and even architecture in some homes are designed in a way that it emanates a rustic feel. In this article, we have discussed ideas whose incorporation can help you to provide your living space the same rustic feel.
Use of Texture
Diligent use of texture, especially in case of furniture made out of wood, is the easiest way to imbibe a rustic look to a living space. Be careful about going overboard if you have absolutely no idea how rustic furniture should look like. In this case, you can take advice of a professional designer. You are required to pick some very traditional looking furniture items like bent willow chairs and old oak table. Having an ethnic wooden almirah will also look nice.
Cushions and Pillows
Use cushions and pillows in your house, which will help soften up the texture and also provide contrast to the rustic décor. Cushions and pillows can be used on the bed, sofa, chair, swing and other such furniture pieces. You can use cushions and pillows bearing forest themes, log cabin or any other rustic images for adding a rustic feel to the place.
Use of Traditional Handicraft Items
For decorating a house in a rustic style, what can be a better idea than using art and craft items that have been made by rural artisans? In this, you have ample options no matter in which part of the world you live. For example, you can hang sea-shell encased decorative mirror on the wall, keep iron / brass figurines on shelves, decorate wall with a rug or handmade painting. A swing kept on the porch is a great idea.
Rustic Lightings
Right kind of lighting in a rustic style home decoration is very pertinent. If you reside in colder regions, then install a fireplace in your house. In warmer regions, you need to use lighting that will blend in easily with the rest of the rustic décor. You also get metal and wooden lanterns from the market, which you can hang in specific corners of the house. Keep nice candles for use during special candle-light dinner party. Chandeliers can be hung from the ceiling.
Give Each Room a Unique Rustic Feel
Different corners or divisions of the house can have their own unique rustic touch. For instance, use antlers for a pot rack in the kitchen. Use table linens that look traditional. Small pieces of logs can make neat trivets. In the bedroom, the use of carved wooden bed and its headboard will provide the right rustic look. There can be a simple wooden table and chair in one corner.

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