Mantle can be decorated using a number of accessories according to your taste. Check out fireplace mantel decorating tips & ideas.

Mantle Decorating

Not everybody has a fire place in his home, but the one who has should consider himself lucky. If others are boasting of the appliances they have, to ward off the winter chill, let us tell them that a fire place serves as an enduring architectural element in the house as well. You can add a personal touch to the mantle by decorating it creatively. It is one of the most prominent structures in any room and instantly catches the eye. Thus, an intricately decorated mantel not only enlivens up you room, but also shows your nose for innovation. One of the easiest and exclusive ideas to garnish your mantel is adorning it according to different seasons. For some interesting fireplace mantle decoration tips, read on.
Mantle Decoration Ideas 
  • Spring - The season of spring is synonymous with greenery and vivacity. Decorating your mantel with tall grasses is a wonderful idea. They not only bring life to your room, but also create an outdoor illusion in the interiors. For this, you can use a geometric shaped vase or a distinctive urn, fill it with grasses and place it on one end of the mantle. On the other end of the mantle, you can place candles sticks in different heights, to balance the arrangement. For the rest of the mantle add some fresh flowers or greenery, in bright colored containers.
  • Summer - Summers are usually bright, with a lot of light and sunshine. To create the same ambience, you can fill fresh flowers in pretty glass bottles and bowls. You can even leave some of them empty. Flower petals in transparent bottles and bowls are another great idea. For a peppier look, make use of containers with few colored pieces or even ceramics in pastel colors.
  • Autumn - A dreary autumn look has its own charm. For this, you can use outdoorsy naturals, such as twigs, eucalyptus, or curling willow, in earthy or sunset colored containers, highlighting the effect. Terre Cotta is another good choice for decorating the fireplace mantle. Merge some warmly colored autumn leaves throughout the arrangement.
  • Winter - For winters, you can go for a decoration that either depicts warmth or cold. For instance, crystal snowflakes provide a cool yet elegant touch, which can be further teamed with Christmas ornaments, adding to the holiday and festival feel. A bowl filled with pine boughs, dotted with pinecones, creates a classic look. For a touch of warmth, add some candles or accessories on a strip of cozy fabric.

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