Though fall is often considered a dull and mundane season, it can surely be spruced up with apt decoration. Read on for some fall decorating ideas and tips.

Fall Decorating Ideas

Fall or autumn is usually considered a dull and drab season, which is devoid of any verve. The outside scenario depicts, falling foliage, yellow dry leaves, withered trees, etc. This brings in a lot a melancholy around. However, rather than feeling low, a good way of enlivening your mood as well your surroundings is decoration with seasonal elements. This way you will be able to appreciate the season better. Decorating your house with items depicting spirit of the season surely helps to revive the environs. Given below are some vital tips and ideas for fall decoration.
Decorating Tips for Fall
  • Pumpkins are the most preferred fall décor item with their orange flair. You can add different sizes of pumpkins to a window sill to provide your interiors a seasonal appeal. You can even use them as jack-o-lanterns or hollowed-out pumpkins filled with potpourri.
  • Dried flowers also serve to be a good option for indoor displays. It can also be said that fall is the time to bring the garden inside. Use plants with autumn colors like gold, yellow, orange, brown, etc. These flowers can be placed in kitchen and the formal living room. Simple baskets can also be employed along with dried bouquets. To decorate your front door, add sprigs of dried flowers and berries to a simple grapevine wreath.
  • Candles are a relaxing experience for both the eyes and nose. As during fall, days become short, adding candlelight to various rooms will give them a dramatic look. Choose candles in fall colors and at the same time opt for seasonal scents like nutmeg or pumpkin-spice. Candles even make eye-catchy centerpieces for dining room tables.
  • Incorporate seasonal linens into the décor. Quilts in fall colors provide a sense of warmth and style to the interiors. Replace tablecloths with seasonal ones. You can even use fall table scarves and placemats to provide a look of the autumn.
  • Decorative items such as witches, black cats, ghosts, etc can be used for a charming and fun-filled look. However, add these items subtly to various rooms. Items like candle holders, tablecloths, candy jars, dishes, throw rugs, plant containers, etc also add up to the fall theme.
  • Wicker or paper mache cornucopias, pilgrim salt and pepper shakers, turkey placemats are some other items that can also be used to spruce up your interiors.
  • Instead of white lampshades, go for simple shades covered with harvest fabric. Use decorative fall fabrics for covering bulletin boards, throw pillows, photo albums, seat cushions, valences, etc.
  • You can also change the mood around by replacing summer-time photographs with fall or winter scenes. Pay attention to the artwork in your house and change them as per the season such as paintings or illustrations depicting leaf-raking or crop harvesting.
  • You can add removable wall borders and impermanent stencils to brighten your rooms with fall charm. A row of acorns or burnt yellow leaves can enliven drab areas of wall space. Place small pieces of fall furniture here and there, for a dramatic effect. Leaf - painted footstools or children’s benches are some small furniture items that are absolutely apt for fall.
  • For finishing touches, pay attention to small details, thereby offering subtle autumn accents to the décor. Include items like leaf-splashed doormats, pumpkin-dotted or turkey-shaped hand towels.

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