In case you wish to know how to measure your hips accurately, go through this article. Given here are some vital tips on where to measure your hips.

How To Measure Your Hips

Each and every person in this world has a definite body shape, which is decided by his hip to waist ratio. For determining this ratio, it is important for a person to measure his hips and waist separately. Moreover, all such measurements are also taken while getting a dress stitched. Thus, measurement of various parts of the body helps you to buy a perfect dress or get the cloth stitched for yourself, to accentuate your body curves and shapes. Moreover, it gives you an idea about your figure. If you are particular about your figure, by measuring your hips with a tape measure would also help you to know how much weight you should shed or gain. If you wish to know how to measure your hips, read the tips given in the following lines.
Measuring Your Hips
Things Required
  • Tape Measure
  • Notepad
  • Pencil
  • Full-length Mirror (optional) 
  • The first and foremost thing to do is to look out for a proper tape measure. As the tape measure used for domestic improvement projects does not always give accurate measurements, one should look out at craft stores or fabric stores, for a loose tape measure. This one is not made of any metal and provides accurate results.
  • After this, make sure your clothes are body-fitting and do not have much loose material around the hips area.
  • Now, take the loose tape measure and wrap it around your hip area. The tape measure should be wrapped around the fullest part of the hip area that is always over the buttocks.
  • To make sure the tape measure is straight and parallel to the ground, use a small handheld mirror to look into the larger mirror. The tape measure should be wrapped closely to your body, but it should not be cutting into your flab.
  • Lastly, note the number on the tape measure and know the measurement of your hips. 
  • The best way to measure the hips is to stand in front of a full-length mirror. This way, you will be able to identify any mistakes done while placing the tape measure on your hips.
  • Ensure that your feet are positioned without gap between them, because any gap might make the measurement incorrect. 
How to Measure Waist-Hips Ratio
  • Take a tape measure and place it just below your rib cage, but above your belly button, to measure your waist.
  • Note down the measurement on a piece of paper.
  • Now, take out the measurement of your hips and divide your waist’s measurement by it. This would give your waist-hips ratio.
  • While measuring your waist of hips, ensure that you have not worn loose-fitting cloth, because it would result in incorrect measurement. 
Ideal Waist-Hips Ratio
  • For women, the ideal waist-hips ratio is less than 0.80, which means that the waist should be 80% of the hips.
  • For men, the ideal waist-hips ratio is less than 0.95, which means that the waist should be 95% of the hips.        

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