Christmas cactus sometimes fails to bloom in the Christmas season. In the following lines, we will tell you how to grow Christmas cactus, early in the year.

How To Propagate Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus adds a perfect delight to the holiday season, with its invigorating beauty. While most of the time the plant is associated with winter holidays, there have been times when the plant would fail to bloom. To ensure that you have at least one bloom your Christmas cactus, in the whole winter season, resort to propagating the plant in the spring or the summer season. All you require for early propagation is rooting hormone powder and a little bit of effort. The combination would be just right for a bloom, matching with the festive spirit of Christmas. Read on to get tips on propagating Christmas cactus.
How to Propagate Christmas Cactus 
  • The best time to start the propagation is spring or summer season. Though propagations in winters also succeed, summer or spring propagation will ensure that you get blooms around Christmas.
  • Cut a piece of the Christmas cactus, away from the original plant. Make sure that the cutting is two or three division long. It can be from any part of the plant. Make sure that the cut still has the look of the original plant.
  • The next step is to set the propagation in a safe place, for about two hours. It becomes very important for the cutting to dry. However, the maximum period set for it to dry is two hours.
  • After this, dip the base of the propagation in a rooting hormone powder. Make sure it has a light coating.
  • After the bottom segment is coated with the hormone powder, place it several inches deep into a small pot. Make sure that the propagation is in an upright position.
  • The potting mix used in propagating consists of three parts general potting mix and one part course sand or perlite, which helps keep the mix properly aerated.
  • Proper care should be awarded to the propagation. Make sure to provide the plant with bright light and keep the potting mix moist. The effort put in would bear fruits in the form of Christmas cactus in about two weeks and it will begin growing in about four weeks.

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