While people are in the festive moods during Christmas, a plant which goes in sync with such an environment is a Christmas cactus. Look out for tips to take best care of a Christmas cactus.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas is the time to retreat from work and rejoice in the holiday spirit. It is the perfect opportunity to relax your mind as well your body. The time of the holiday is such that the colorful blossoms become mostly dormant. Still, there are certain flowers that dominate the beauty of the environment during Christmas. One of these is Christmas cactus, a wonderful holiday plant. You can resort to it during Christmas time, for it blooms in the chilly weather also. If planted a month prior to the holiday and taken proper care of, the plant would bloom to add color to the festive spirit. Look out for tips to take best care of a Christmas cactus.  
Best Care for a Christmas Cactus 
  • Christmas cactus grows the best in area that gets bright light. However, remember, the light should be diffused in nature. Indirect sunlight is best suited for the plant.
  • The plant would require only adequate watering to keep it moist. After the winter flowering stops, lessen watering of the plant. Take keen notice that the top layer of the soil in the pot remains dry in between two watering, after flowering stops. In spring, you can regularly water your plant.
  • Take care not to underwater the plant. Being a tropical plant, Christmas cactus would not grow in a dry soil. The plant would dry and wilt away, if kept in dry soil.  
  • Keep the Christmas cactus away from frequent exposure to light, especially when buds start to appear. The plant, at this time, requires less light for blooming. Limited artificial lights at night would enhance the buds to grow to their full potential.
  • Remove the plant from daylight and place it in a dark room, a few hours before dark. You can return it to its original spot in the morning, once again. The long periods of darkness would encourage the cactus to bloom.
  • Make sure that the plant is kept at the same direction as the window, while it is budding. When you place the plant with its back to the sunlight, the blooms will reach out for the light, turning for the same. This will make them weak, possibly resulting in their falling off.

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