Leather jacket needs a lot of care on your part, in absence of which it gets spoilt easily. With this article, get some tips on how to care for leather jackets.

Leather Jacket Care

A leather jacket, though costly and a bit difficult to maintain, looks extremely suave and stylish. In fact, it lends a very sporty, yet sophisticated look to the person who dons it. If you are planning to buy a leather jacket for yourself, remember that you will be required to care for it also; otherwise it will end up being spoilt much sooner than you expect. In the following lines, we tell you how to care for leather jackets. Just follow these tips and ensure that your jacket remains looking as good as new, forever.
Leather Jacket Care Tips 
  • A wet or damp leather jacket should be allowed to dry naturally, without exposing it to heat or air.
  • After you buy a leather jacket, apply a ‘water and stain’ protector to it. It will help avoid any water spots or stains.
  • Always hang leather jackets on wide padded hangers. They will help in maintaining their shape.
  • Caustic household chemicals should never ever be used to clean leather.
  • For removing any salt deposits from a leather jacket, sponge it with clean water.
  • If your leather jacket gets wet, let it dry complete and add a coat of leather conditioner or moisturizer to it. After the first coat gets dry, add another one.
  • If, by chance, you spill something on your leather jacket, remove it with the help of a gentle brush. Thereafter, sponge it gently, with warm water and mild soap, and let the jacket dry.
  • In case of dry environment, regularly condition the leather jacket. Otherwise, it will start drying out and cracking.
  • Mink oil or other animal fats should not be used on leather, since they tend to darken it.
  • Never ever store a jacket in a damp place. It will lead to occurrence of mildew.
  • While storing leather jackets, make sure not to fold them.
  • Do not store a leather jacket in plastic bags or other nonporous covers. If by chance you have to store it in a garment back, keep the zipper open, to ensure proper ventilation.
  • Make sure not to use waxes, silicone formulas or other leather preparations on a leather jacket.
  • Too much oil and wax should not be used on leather, since it can clog the pores and interfere with the ability of the leather to allow air in and moisture out.
  • While cleaning leather, avoid cleaning preparations that contain alcohol, along with turpentine and mineral spirits.
  • Depending on the frequency with which you wear your leather jacket, get it cleaned from a professional at regular intervals.

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