If you want to maintain your leather jackets, it is very necessary to follow some basic home cleaning tips. Read on further to get information on how to clean a leather jacket.

How To Clean Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is the prized possession of many, especially young boys. It looks extremely suave, while at the same time, giving you a very sporty look. The problem with a leather jacket is that not only is it too expensive, but also very difficult to clean. It just cannot be thrown into the washer and dryer; else, you will ruin your expensive possession. If you want a leather jacket, be prepared to be careful while wearing, cleaning as well as storing it. In case you are in need of some tips for cleaning leather jackets at home, you have come to the right article. Given below is complete information on how to clean a leather jacket, along with some very useful tips.
Cleaning Leather Jackets 
  • If you want to give a simple touch-up to your leather jacket, make use of a light cloth and a light spray cleaner. It will help get the dust off the shell of the jacket.
  • Mix 3-1/3 cups olive oil, 1/3 cup castile soap, 40-60 drops essential oil and 8-12 drops grapefruit seed extract in a gallon jug and add 1/2 gallon. Mix well and store the mixture in a spray bottle. Use the solution, along with a cloth, to clean the stains on your leather jacket.
  • Using a damp sponge or towel, along with a bit of saddle soap, wipe your jacket. Polish the jacket with a clean, dry towel for giving it a soft, clean and smooth feel.
  • To prevent stains and cracking on your jacket, use an all-purpose leather cleaner. Apply on to a towel or rag, to clean your jacket.
  • Take some leather conditioner on a cloth and wipe the jacket with it, to prevent cracks.
  • Use white vinegar, along with a tad of water, to clean stains on suede jackets. Air-dry the jacket a day before using, it to remove the vinegar smell.
  • While cleaning suede jackets, always use a suede brush or a terry cloth towel. This will keep the jacket clean and raise the nap.
  • Another effective way to remove stains on your jacket is by using a white pencil eraser.
  • In case you have any salt deposits on your leather jacket, the best way to clean the same is by sponging the jacket with clean water.
  • Some jackets are made of brushed leather. In such a case, brushing with mohair brush or even an old-fashioned shoe brush will get you the desired result.
  • If your jacket is made of processed leather, like the one in motorcycle and aviation jackets, plain soap and water will work just fine.
  • In case you end up dripping something on your leather jacket, remove the spill immediately, with a gentle brush. After that, use warm water and a mild soap to sponge the area gently. 
  • Never ever use waxes, silicone formulas or other leather preparations on your leather jacket.
  • Do not clean your leather jacket with something that contains alcohol, turpentine or mineral spirits.
  • If case of major stains or cleaning, it is better to go to a professional cleaner.

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