This article talks about smart storage solutions that will help you utilize the space in your kids’ room. Go through these tips and get storage ideas for children room.

Storage Solutions For Kids

If you have children in your house, you will surely understand why it is important to look up for smart storage solutions for their room. Children tend to get annoyingly messy at times. They are impatient and want everything to be within their easy reach. More often than not, when storage and shelving are not close at hand, they prefer the floor to their wardrobe, bookshelf and bed, to space out their stuff. So, you should provide them with storage spaces that are conveniently placed in the room. Our quick storage ideas for kids will help you to re-organize your child’s room and see that every exploitable nook and corner is skillfully utilized to store all his pickings and trinkets. 
Ideas & Tips for Children Storage Room 
  • Pin the walls with lots of hang on hooks and provide your child with shelves, cupboards, bookshelves and a table that can be utilized to the maximum to store his stuff.
  • Place some colorful plastic boxes or baskets on top of an open shelf. They can be used to store objects that tend to get misplaced often. Mark them with a label marker or press on letters to identify their contents.
  • Some things cannot be stacked neatly. Skillfully arrange them in closet drawers or in an armoire. You can also add pull-out drawers under the box spring of a bed or simply place covered boxes under a regular bed.
  • Pin the space behind the door with hang on hooks and utilize it for hanging everyday items like school bags, belts, school uniform and hobbies items.
  • A closet is the most convenient space for storing kids’ stuff. Neatly arrange the closet with books, clothes, hobbies items and toys. Make sure that the every day requirements are within easy reach.
  • Add wooden shelves all around the room or just on a single wall. Neatly arrange books, toys, photographs of child artwork and sports trophies and use them as a storage-cum-display cases.
  • Items of sentimental worth like childhood toys, outgrown clothes, seasonal sports equipment and old school arts work can be placed inside weather-tight containers and stored in places like the attic, under the stairs, in a garage, or in a basement.
  • Neatly pile the books on a book shelf. To add an interesting look, place some stuffed animals or colorful plastic boxes with lids on top of it. The boxes can be used to place erasers, pins and other small items.
  • Place a low book shelf at the end of a bed or on the side, as a bedside table. Else, choose a chest of drawers and place it beside the bed. It will provide great storage space for toys, bedtime reading, night clothes, bedroom slippers and blankets.
  • Build a window seat that will provide room for storing beddings, blankets and woolens. Opt for big pull-out drawers or shelves, instead of a lift-up lid on top, for easy access.

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