Painting your children's room can prove to be a fun project, with some efforts and our expert tips. Read the article to explore some nice ideas for painting kids room.

Painting Ideas For Kids Rooms

Painting your kids room may seem to be a daunting task at the first glance, but it is a fun project to carry out. Hiring someone to paint your child’s room is an obvious option. However, if you want to personalize the space and make it even more inviting for your kid, then painting it yourself will be a wise decision. There are numerous ways to make your children's private sanctuary a cozier place. If you are running out of ideas or not getting a clue as to how to start with, then this article will come handy. Here, we have provided some of the nicest tips and bright ideas for painting children's bedroom.
Painting Ideas For Kids Room 
  • Murals: Decorating a kid’s room with murals is one of the most popular choices. Murals can change the look and feel of the room dramatically. They will make a child’s private sanctuary turn into a world of fantasy. Choose one portion of the walls and draw murals based on your kid’s favorite theme. You may also hire a muralist to serve the purpose.
  • Combine Colors: Why should you settle down to single solid color, if you have the option to mix & match colors? Kids' room should be made as colorful as possible. Therefore, we suggest you to combine two or more colors and create a beautiful shade. You may also use two shades of the same color. Paint the upper portion of the walls with the lighter shade and lower portion of the walls with darker shade of the same color.   
  • Stencil: Express affection for your child through words. Make him/her feel special by writing inspirational sayings on the wall. Etch the words across the room using stencil. Consider writing familiar poems and nursery rhymes on the walls. This will add a personal touch to the room.
  • Themes: Sometimes, painting kids rooms becomes easier if you follow a particular theme. If you pick a theme, you will get a basic idea about how you want to paint and what colors you would like to choose. Popular themes for painting kids rooms include ocean, sea floor, castle, princess room and space ships.
  • Sketching: Sketching will dress-up your kid’s room. Paint the wall using light blue (for boy) or pink (for girl child). Now, draw a simple sketch of a tree or any animal on a transparent sheet. Using an overhead projector, project the sketch onto the wall. Trace the outlines of the character projected on the wall and then color it with a suitable color.
  • Camouflage: Draw a few large shapes - say flowers or objects - on a newsprint paper. Now, paint the walls using a base color - pale yellow for girl’s room and light grey or blue if it is a male child. After the base color is finished, take the shapes drawn on the sheet and transfer them to the walls, using large sheets of carbon paper.     
  • Chalkboard Paint: Dark, washable and water-based paints are available in the market. To paint the wall, clean the surface first. Now, outline the boundary of the chalkboard using a paint tape. Apply a primer coat, followed by an even paint, using a sponge brush. Apply two to three coats, with a waiting period of 24 hours in-between. This way, you will create a space for your kid, where he/she can scribble his imaginations and easily erase it away.

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