One of the best ways to remodel your little girl’s bedroom is by painting its walls. Check out the painting ideas and tips for girl's room given in this article.

Painting Ideas For Girl’s Room

One of the easiest methods of renovating a room is by painting it. There are a number of ways in which you can use the paints to create a gorgeous haven for your little girl. There are so many colors and variations hat can be used for a girl’s bedroom. Painting pretty angles, elves, big-sized flowers in warm colors will make the atmosphere cozy for her. While choosing the colors and pattern, do not forget to consider her age and preferences. Here in this article, we have given tips for painting a girl’s bedroom.
Painting Ideas For Girl's Bedroom 
  • Single Solid Colors: Apart from pink, green is the chosen color when it comes to painting girls’ room. Paint the walls with pink, if you want the room to be cozy and choose green, if you want her room to look cool. Both the colors, apart from giving a girly touch to the room, create a refreshing look for the interiors.
  • Combination of Two Colors: Use two colors that complement each other. Pink and orange, pink and lime green, purple and lime green and yellow and purple are some of the latest color combinations for painting a girl’s bedroom. Use one of the colors in the upper portion of the walls and the other in the lower part. You may also blend the colors to create beautiful shades and then paint the girl’s room.
  • Stripes: Stripes are one of the most preferred patterns for girl’s room. Satin paints will serve the purpose beautifully. To begin with, apply a base coat of the chosen color and wait until it dries completely. Use a roller to paint the walls. Now, mark the stripes and then fill paint in them, using liner brush, stroking it from top to the bottom.
  • Flowers: Draw simple flower shapes on transparent sheets. Project these shapes onto the wall using an overhead projector. Trace the outline of these shapes on the wall. Paint the shapes with bright colors, such as yellow, bright orange, watermelon pink and lime green.
  • Graphic Pattern: Stamp graphic patterns onto the walls. To start with, apply a base coat in your chosen color and wail until it dries completely. Now, apply semi-glossy paint on the wall. After the paint dries completely, stamp the graphic patterns on the wall.
  • Theme Painting: Let the walls of her room narrate a story! Choose a theme for painting your girl’s room. Popular themes for girl’s rooms are fairy castle, angles, elves, garden and horse farm. If you are not skilled at painting, look for an artist to serve the purpose. While choosing the theme, be sure that you keep the taste of your girl in mind.

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