Bedrooms colors can have a great effect on your mood as well as health. Find out how to pick how to pick colors for a bedroom.

Bedroom Colors

Bedroom serves as an oasis in the city-named desert that we all are a part of. It is the perfect retreat for you, after going through a hard day at work, unnecessary yelling by the boss and irritating traffic jams on the roads. You look forward to the sanctuary offered by your bedroom, where you can shake off all the tensions and concentrate on relaxing your body, mind and soul. However, for this to be possible, you need to choose the right paint colors for your bedroom. One wrong color and you bedroom will look like a gloomy shelter, rather than a place where you can soothe as well as cheer up yourself.
Bedroom Colors
There are certain paint colors which you can never go wrong with and neutrals are one of them. They are gaining popularity with the passing time, one of the reasons being the calm and soothing look that they impart, be it bedroom or living room. However, neutrals do not mean only cream or off white color. Rather, you should go for earth tones that look neutral.
Browns and Greens
In the present times, browns and greens are gaining acceptance in terms of bedroom paint colors. However, you need to be a little cautious while choosing the shades of brown and green. In this case also, stick to neutrals and avoid bold colors, except as accents. You should go for a softer shade of brown or green, with a touch of earth tone in it. Mixing brown and green is also a great idea.
When it comes to bedroom colors, blue is one color that has never gone out of vogue. Always go for soft and relaxing blues. If possible, pick that shade of blue which has a touch of shade in it. For example, you can have brownish blue or greenish blue. These shades are not too bold, look restful and work well with a lot of other colors, which you can use as accents.
Choosing Bedroom Paint Color 
  • First thing that you need to keep in mind is the color of the carpet and furniture of your bedroom. Your paint color has to match the overall décor, unless you are planning to change or buy an entire new furniture set for you bedroom. If you are not sure about the compatibility of colors, then going for neutral colors will be the best.
  • What is that you want to feel when you go into your bedroom - relaxation, energy, passion, or something else? Each color has a different effect on the mood of an individual. For instance, green is a color associated with nature and promotes tranquility, while red ignites passion and orange radiates energy. So, choose your colors with care.
  • There are certain colors that you should definitely avoid in your bedroom. Gray is one of them, as it is often associated with sadness and depression. Unless you want to feel gloomy, this color is better avoided. Brown is another color that you should steer clear of. Even while using such colors for accentuating purposes, stick to minimal application.
  • If you are married, then make sure to indulge your partner in the process of choosing the bedroom paint colors. Since both of you are going to share the room, it is important that he/she also likes the feel of the color you want in your bedroom. Work together and choose a color scheme that would make both of you happy.
  • Using a single color in the bedroom can make it look boring. In other words, always try to mix up colors for your bedroom. For example, you can paint the walls in red, while using golden color to serve as accents. The combination of blue and pink will be perfect for a room that is shared by two people - a male and a female.

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