Leather is a highly preferred material, owing to its durability & classic look. To maintain it for a long time, cleaning leather is important. Read on to explore valuable tips on how to clean leather.

Leather Cleaning Tips

Protecting leather from damage is, any day, easier than maintaining it. Before you lay your hands on a cleanser and start cleaning your leather, it is important to determine what type of leather you have at hand. In fact, the type of stain on leather is an important determinant of the method that needs to be employed to clean it. Improper cleaning methods may lead to the material deserting its natural luster. Therefore, it is important to observe a great deal of care while cleaning anything made of leather. The article brings you some valuable tips on safely cleaning your leather, without exposing it to any harm. Read on to know how to make your leather shine like new forever.
How To Clean Leather
Cleaning Leather Furniture
For cleaning your leather furniture, use a gentle moisturizing soap, such as Dove. Put some soap on a damp cloth and work it, to make light foam. Then, rub it on the leather, without using much water. Take another fresh damp cloth to wipe off the lather from your leather furniture. It is important to remember that you should not rinse the leather in water. After you have cleaned it properly, polish it using a dry towel and treat it with a leather conditioner, once completely dry. Avoid conditioners that contain waxes and silicone. Solvents and abrasive cleaners too, should not be used to clean leather furniture.
Cleaning Unfinished Leather
Saddle soap or lather soap, especially made for the purpose of cleaning leather, can be used to clean unfinished leather. Take a damp cloth or sponge and put some saddle soap on it. Rub the cloth on the leather and work it to form light foam. Wipe off the lather with a fresh damp cloth. Once it is clean, allow the unfinished leather to dry and then, apply leather preservative on it. Any type of finished leather can also be cleaned following the same procedure.
Homemade Recipe To Clean Leather 
  • Combine vinegar and linseed oil to make effective leather cleaning solution as well as conditioner. The amount of linseed oil should be double than that of vinegar.
  • Another homemade recipe to clean leather can be made from one part lemon juice and one part cream of tartar. It can be used to remove normal spots from leather. Dab some of this paste on a soft cloth and work it on the spot. If the spot still remains, let the paste sit on the leather for some hours. Then, apply some more paste and wipe it off.
  • One part rubbing alcohol and one part water can be mixed to remove any mildew or mold from leather. After this, regular cleaning can be given to the leather. 
  • Leather should be never left to dry in sunlight. Direct exposure to sunlight will result in color-fading. Place it under shade, on very sunny days.
  • If possible, seek professional assistance to clean leather, as improper cleaning can damage it.
  • Avoid using too many chemical based cleansers to clean your leather. They can damage it easily.

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