This article tells about sewing a zippered a pillow cover. To know how to sew or zipper a pillow cover, read on.

How To Zipper Pillow Cover

Pillows and cushions are indispensable for any house décor. They can be put to a wide variety of uses in your house. You can place them in your drawing room, on sofas and settees, or on your bed. Pillows spruce the interiors of your house by adding color and vibrancy to it, as their covers are available in diverse shades and patterns. These days, zippered pillow covers are very much in use. A zipper gives a neat finish to the pillow, without even displaying the opening. In case you wish to vent out your creativity, sew an easy-to-make pillow cover all by yourself. The best part is that the process does not require much material or time. So, if you want to surprise people with your craft, get ready for sewing a zippered pillow cover, following the directions given below.
How To Sew Zippered Pillow Cover 
  • Place the zipper right side down, on the right side of one long edge of a rectangular fabric.
  • Paste the zipper to the edge of the fabric with a zig zag stitch, along the sewn edge.
  • Turn the fabric, exposing the front of the zipper. Do the top stitches, next to the fold by the zipper tape.
  • Now, sew the second piece of the fabric to the zipper, ensuring that the ends of the fabric line up evenly on the zipper tape.
  • Place the back pieces with the zipper, on top of the pillow front piece.
  • Fold the second back piece, to create a zipper flap. However, the back pieces should be of the same size as the front piece.
  • Press and pin the flap fold, to hold it in place.
  • Stitch the flap in place, by sewing on the zipper tape.
  • Hem the ends of the zipper flap.
  • To prepare the front panel, join the front and the back panel
  • Open half the zipper.
  • Match the edges of the back and front wrong sides and then seam them together.
  • Turn pillow on the right side out, push all corners and press.
  • Now, place pillow in pillow cover. You can keep the zipped pillow in the living room sofa, or use it in the bedroom. 
Additional Tips 
  • While sewing the pillow cover, make sure that you make a pillow that covers any size. Also, remember to adjust the yardage amount and zipper length in the same way.
  • Take care to taper the seam allowances at the corners of the pillow cover. The seam allowance has to be less than 5/8th of an inch.
  • For the purpose of decorating your pillow cover, use tassels and cording.  Make sure that you apply these decorative items to the seams and the corners of the pillow cover, before it is sewed.  
  • The zipper of your pillow cover should be in the seam, at the bottom of the design. If there is no particular top or bottom of the design, then you can attach the zipper in any seam.

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