Decluttering house enables free flow of positive energy and brings about wealth and prosperity. Find out simple tips on how to declutter your home.

How To Declutter

A neat & clean home looks nice and also makes you feel good. In fact, as per Feng-Shui, a clutter-free house enables free flow of positive energy which further brings about wealth and prosperity. Whether it’s the entire home or simply a room, cleaning-up a cluttered zone could be a challenging and daunting task. Though people don’t like to live in clutter, they usually end up settling there as their minds boggle even to think about clearing out the mess. So, leave all your worries as here we’ve provided some simple instructions to make headway towards decluttering your home. 
  • To start with, take some cardboard boxes and label them in such a manner - Donate, Sell, Return, Repair, Keep, and Unsure respectively. The last container you'll require is a garbage can. Line up the boxes and garbage can at a place, from where they’re all accessible.
  • Start managing things from a corner of your house or you can also start with a wardrobe, or a room. Since you cannot clean the entire house in a single day, take out some time (be it 1 hr, 30 min or 15 min) from your daily schedule and clean at least an area. Never mind if you’re cleaning just one drawer or a closet at a time, all what matters is making your home clutter-free.  
  • While performing the regular job of cleaning up the mess, take out the things that are of no use to you. Be it books, clothes, utensils or any other thing, just extract all such possessions. Use ‘Donate’ box for things that can be useful for other people. Like you can give toys to other kids, clothes to a thrift store and books to the senior center.
  • Use ‘Sell’ box for the things that can be sold. Perhaps it could be just right place to land up your unwanted garage items, newspapers and other such things. After cleaning the entire house, you can send its contents to a consignment shop or an online auction site. If you don’t want to sell, then give the things in charity.
  • Whatever items you’ve borrowed from friends, neighbors or family, drop them in the ‘Return’ box. In case you’ve bought things that require to be returned, drop them in the same box.
  • Use ‘Repair’ box to put items that require repairing, only when you know they’ll be fixed. Don’t keep items if you don’t require them, it would be better to discard them. If you’ve already replaced something, chuck out the old one.
  • Once you’re certain that the item is actually of use, put it in the 'Keep' box. If not, it’s better to throw it out. Use the 'Unsure' box for the last chance. When you’re not sure about the thing and also don’t want to let it go, drop such things in this box. Mark the box with the current date. Within six months if you haven’t used the item, throw it or give it away.
  • Use the garbage can for anything you don’t want or require. In such a way, you will be able to clean-up your home effectively.

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