In order to ride a horse, you first need to understand the process of mounting it. Through this article, know how to mount a horse and also get tips on horse back riding.

How To Mount A Horse

Mounting a horse and then galloping away on it, while talking to the air, is the dream of many youngsters. However, very few of them are actually able to achieve it. The reason varies from never getting an opportunity of learning horse riding to never being able to understand the basic nuances of horse riding. You should remember that horse back riding is a step by step process and you need to master all the steps. The first step comprises of mounting a horse and then, you go on balancing on it, next, controlling it and finally, learning to stop it. In this article, we tell you about the first step i.e. how to mount a horse.
How to Mount a Horse 
  • First of all, take the reins of the horse in your left hand and drape the slack over the right side of the horse.
  • Now, grasp hold of the base of the horse's mane with your left hand.
  • Turn the left stirrup iron toward you, with your right hand.
  • Place your left foot in the stirrup, which lies parallel to the side of the horse.
  • Next, using your right hand, grab the back of the saddle.
  • Bounce on the ball of your right foot and push off with your right foot.
  • Putting your weight on your left foot, which is in the stirrup, pull on the saddle and the neck of the horse.
  • While in a standing position, balance your weight on your hands and left foot.
  • Now, swing your right foot over the horse, while simultaneously releasing your right hand from the saddle.
  • Gently lower yourself into the saddle, put your right foot in the stirrup and take up the slack in the reins. 
Horse Back Riding Tips 
  • While riding, always keep the reins of the horse in your hands.
  • You can use a block for mounting, for making the process easier.
  • While riding on horse back, make sure to wear a hard hat and proper riding boots.
  • Never ever pull on the reins of the horse too tightly.
  • Don’t kick the horse on the sides too often, as it may irritate the horse and make it go out of control.

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