Small space gardening can be both engrossing & gratifying, but only if you unleash your imagination & creativity while designing it. Read this article to get tips on how to design a small garden.

Designing A Small Garden

Do not despair if you want to take up gardening, but have only a limited space in your home. This is because, with your imagination and creativity, you can create wonders in small spaced garden as well. A small garden has its share of merits, so look at the positive side of things. For instance, you can pay more attention to details and employ quality maintenance without going over-budget. You can even consider designing the garden lining a terrace or a porch, with sitting arrangement at the center. Also, you will be able to take care of each and every plant in your garden, thereby ensuring their nourishment. Read this article to learn tips on how to design a small garden. 
Designing Small Space Gardens 
  • Erect a fence so that it borders around your small garden. The fence will also serve to provide extra area to climber plants. Another idea is to introduce pergolas to your garden. It would help the growth of climbing plants as well as enhance the beauty of your garden.
  • Plant your favorite perennial flowers, like the Aster, Black Eyed Susan, Daylilies, Geranium, Rose, etc. Flowers add beauty as well as fragrance to a garden.
  • The standard cottage garden is just perfect for a limited space. Having a cottage garden is easy. The plants will fall over and flux with one another, creating clumps of blooms all around.
  • Make use of small flowers, foliage and plants, which perfectly suit small gardens.
  • Grow trellises in-hanging baskets, in your small garden and also install birdhouses. Make use of the ample vertical space, since you won’t be able to experiment a lot with the available horizontal space.
  • Grow taller plants at the back and smaller ones in the front. However, make sure that the space doesn’t look crowded, as you would find it difficult to maintain it. Remember that maintenance will be your small garden’s key feature.
  • The right choice of colorful flowers would help a great deal in creating a wonderful effect in your garden. Make a thorough research about the same, on the internet, or go to the nearest nursery, to check out the color combination of flowering plants that are best suited for small gardens. Lesser choices of colors would be the best bet, for a small garden.
  • You may opt for cool colored flowers, because they would create the illusion of more space, thereby making the garden appear larger. Try to avoid the dark colored flowers, as they tend to restrict space.
  • In a small garden, there is no room for ‘underperforming’ plants, as you do not have space to waste. Make sure that you purchase the plants that bloom well.
  • Prune the plants at the appropriate time, to ensure that they do not grow up to an unmanageable extent.
  • You can also choose to grow some vegetables and herbs between the flowers. Having few compact, decorative trees or fruit trees at specific points will also look wonderful.
  • You can grow ornamental grass on the ground and use tiny neat pebbles to pave a way in between.

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