Swedish country style decorating is all about simplicity, comfort and nature. Read on to get some ideas and tips on Swedish country style decor.

Swedish Country Style Decorating

These days, people have started going back to their rustic roots. Be it in the form of purchasing a farm house in the countryside or creating a country style look in the home, they have started realizing the importance of a rural ambience. In the latter case, where people are striving to bring the rustic world into their urban home, Swedish country style decoration is becoming quite popular. The simplicity of decorating a home Swedish country style, combined with the warm look that it imparts to a house, is what’s generating people’s interest. To acquaint you with the Swedish country style décor, we have given a number of tips below.
Swedish Country Style Decoration Ideas 
  • Swedish people believe in simplicity, be it in a country home or an urban house. Open spaces, minimal adornments and avoidance of unnecessary items, this is what Swedish style is all about.
  • As far as the wall colors go, pale blues, cream, light pink, pale yellow, white, pale greens and grays will work the best. The exact idea is to have a color that soothes the eye as well as the senses.
  • For accenting purposes, you can make use of colors like gold, ochre, red and green.
  • For decorating a home Swedish country style, you should lay emphasis on handmade accessories and furnishings (wood, glass, textiles). Hand-woven rugs, hand embroidered materials, etc are the best bet.
  • In Sweden, winters are too dark and last for too long. This is why the Swedish emphasize on bringing light into their homes. So, try to use as much of natural lighting as possible. At the same time, make liberal use of items like fireplaces, stoves, chandeliers, wall sconces, table lamps and candles.
  • White is the color that reflects light the most. For the windows, make use of curtains in white muslin. They help a room look much brighter.
  • In Swedish country homes, you will find liberal use of mirrors. You can should do the same and if possible, get mirrors with candleholders attached to them.
  • For furniture, make use of blond wood (birch, white pine, beech, alder). The wood should either be left natural or treated in the form of bleaching or painting in pale colors.
  • Try to bring nature into your home. Adorn your house with fresh flowers and natural objects like pebbles, shells, etc.
  • As far as furnishings go, floral patterns, stripes and checks work the best. Wallpaper, with ribbon, wreath or heart motifs, or abstract shapes like diamond, circle and oval may be used as well.
  • For the floor, make use of striped rag rugs that give a warm and homely look. You can also use ‘woolen-looking’ blankets on sofas, so that the house looks more inviting.

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