Originally from Denmark and Sweden, the Danish Swedish Farmdog breed is now popular all over Scandinavia. Explore this article to know more about Danish Swedish Farmdogs.

Danish Swedish Farmdogs

Breed: Companion
Height: Male: 13-15 inches, Female: 12-14 inches
Weight: Male: 20-25 pounds, Female: 18-22 pounds
Coat Type: Hard, short and smooth
An old, native breed from northern Denmark and southern Sweden, Danish Swedish Farmdog is a versatile breed, which serves as a guard dog, hunting dog, circus dog and even a companion dog for the family. Also known as the Rat Dog, it is a rare small breed of dog, very new to the United States of America. The dog is very loving and makes a great family pet. Danish Swedish Farmdog is very capable of learning a wide variety of tricks and can perform different types of dog sports as well. It makes a good watchdog, as it barks only when necessary. The dog has a soft and gentle temper. Read on further to know more about the Danish Swedish Farmdog.
The history of Danish Swedish Farmdog dates back to the 1700s. Originally called the Old Danish Fox Terrier or Scanian Terrier, this breed is regarded as a pincher today, rather than a terrier. Bred for versatility, the dog is naturally talented and has been used for various purposes. It lived on farms on the countryside of Denmark, Schleswig-Holstein and Scania. It served as a vermin hunter, watchdog, and companion dog and was able to herd cattle as well. Till late 1980s, all medium-sized white, black and brown colored dogs in the countryside were considered as farm dogs. In 1987, the breed was declared separate and was officially named Danish Swedish Farmdog.
Danish Swedish Farmdog represents a small-sized breed with a compact, squarely proportioned body. It has small and triangular head with a wide, slightly rounded scull and a well emphasized stop. It has powerful jaws and the ears either fold forward or are rose shaped. The tail is either long or naturally bob-tail. A natural bob-tail can be found only if one or both the parents have a bobtail. A Danish Swedish Farmdog has a shiny, short, hard, close-lying smooth coat that is free from odor. The coat can be tricolor, which includes black, red and white. It can even be bi-color, including black and white, red and white, or black and chocolate brown.
The Danish Swedish Farmdog is a multi-purpose dog, which is capable of herding and ratting as well as doing various dog sports, such as agility, obedience, flyball, go-to-ground, tracking and others. An active, alert, lively and intelligent breed; it loves attention and is full of personality. The dog is sweet, friendly, and curious and makes a good family dog. It gets along well with children and would love to sleep in your bed. It is easy to train this breed as it learns quickly. Since a Danish Swedish Farmdog is fast and agile, it makes good rat and mouse catcher. Though it is considered to be good with other dogs, it cannot be trusted with other pets, like guinea pigs, hamsters or pet birds.
Genetic Diseases
A Danish Swedish Farmdog is generally healthy, with no concerns or issues regarding health diseases and problems.
It is easy to groom a Danish Swedish Farmdog. Since the coat is short, it does not require daily brushings. The dog should be bathed only when necessary. It sheds little throughout the year, with a seasonal heavy shedding. You can use a rubber brush to brush the dog & remove any loose hair.

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