Don’t be a slave to the vagaries of power cuts; know how to buy the best home generator. Explore the article below for tips on selecting the best generator for home use.

Selecting The Best Generator For Home Use

If you are fed up with frequent power cuts, it’s time you decided to have a generator for your home. And why not - when your daily life seems to be at the mercy of electricity cuts and the other option, to invest in a generator, holds a far more attractive option. A generator is not only an efficient power source, but it is also quite easy to use. Now, you can fix your schedule without even consulting the power chart. With the advancement in technology, a generator has become much sleeker and much more efficient than before. It has become smaller in size and the noise, the one thing that characterizes a generator, is also greatly reduced. The market is flooded with numerous varieties of generators today, which makes one spoilt for choice, when faced with the task of buying one. To help you in selecting the best generator for home use, we have listed some very useful tips in the lines that follow.
How To Buy The Best Home Generator

Noise Level

A major factor that helps you determine the correct generator model for home use is the amount of noise it generates. At home, noisy generators are very unsuitable, particularly at night. They are also not recommended for other events like camping and outdoor events. Generators are rated in decibels and the noise increases ten times for every additional ten decibels. Go for a generator that has 4-stroke engine, as will give out low noise. Also, keep in mind the technology used in making it, as advanced technology is very effective in reducing the noise level.

Fuel Efficiency & Run Time

In a generator, the fuel efficiency is of utmost importance. The engine should match, the power needed with the required speed. This brings in the maximum fuel efficiency. Fuel-efficient generators can run for a longer time, as compared to others, on a single tank. Make sure that the generator you select has a large fuel tank, so that it can run for long periods at stretch. The generator should be effective in raising the RPM when load is applied and then go back to idle quickly, when the load is removed. This will increase the fuel efficiency and also reduce the wear and tear of the components.

Power Output Quality

Power fluctuations can make the generator shut down, so, consistent power is of utmost importance. In a generator, the power output is controlled by the voltage regulation. Any fluctuation in power can cause harm not only to the generator, but also to the equipments that it is powering. So, the generator you select must have a voltage regulator, so that you can regulate the voltage to give it a stable power.

Size & Ease Of Transport

Huge, bulky generators are very tough to move about. For home purposes, the generators that are small and lightweight prove to be the best. It is better select compact generators or those with wheels attached, so that they can be moved about easily.

Ease Of Starting

Make sure that the generator you select does not make you sweat out on starting it. It should be easy to start and also easy to turn off.

Durability & Quality Of Craftsmanship

For the sake of price, don’t compromise on the quality of the generator. Test the generator thoroughly to make sure that the components are designed well and work efficiently. The reliability of a generator depends upon its quality. Consider the material that it is made of and also the reputation of the manufacturer.

Service &Support

A significant amount of investment is made on the generator, so servicing is very important. Make sure that its components are easily available in your area and that you have the option to take the generator for servicing and maintenance. Go for comprehensive warranty, which you will get from reputed dealers. A trained and dedicated staff is an added bonus.

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