Since a house is meant to keep us warm and dry, knowing basic home plumbing tips is very important. Read this article to know how to do plumbing repairs.

Basic Home Plumbing Tips

A certain advertisement goes like this. An old man lies on his death bed. A wicked son coerces him and forcefully takes his signature on a will that gives him (the son) the entire property, as the old one dies. In the next room, the son gloats over the will when suddenly, a drop of water from a leaky pipe drops on the first numerical of the property amount, dissolving it, leaving a number of zeroes for the son to be content with. Divine justice at last? Maybe, but the perils of defective plumbing cannot be underestimated. Ask yourself how peacefully you will sleep if there is the constant 'dip, dab, dip, dab' sound issuing from the leaky tap in your bathroom? Or you plan to have a hot bath in a winter morning, turn on the water heater, step into the shower and jump out of your skin (with a scream) the very next moment - as the cold water hits you like needles. All this is to be blamed on faulty plumbing. If plumbing is not taken care of, on a regular basis, even the coziest and warmest house will, in a few months, start resembling a damp and eerie graveyard. Of course, you don’t want to spend your life blocking leaks or wearing a raincoat in the house or in a constant fear of drowning in your sleep. Go ahead, familiarize yourself with some basic home plumbing tips and make sure that you do not miss out on anything.
How To Do Plumbing Repairs
Noisy Pipes
Pipes make noise due to a variety of reasons. These may have become loose or the water pressure may be too high or water might have seeped into the air chambers. The best way to get rid of the first problem is to anchor the exposed pipe with pipe straps, 6 to 8 feet for horizontal runs and 8 to 10 feet for vertical. In case of high water pressure, install pressure-reducing valves. For seepage, filling the gap is the best option.
Frozen Pipes
In cold climes, it is better to insulate the pipe with foam or heating wires, so as to make sure that they do not end up getting frozen. Also, if you leave a trickle of water running from the tap, it will prevent the water from freezing.
Shower Heads
If the shower head leaks at the point where it meets the arm, it is better to replace the washer. In case there is weak pressure in the shower head, it may be due to the accumulation of minerals. Clean it with a needle or soak the perforated plate in vinegar overnight and then scrub it clean.
If you are faced with the problem of a running toilet, the first task is to find out its cause. Running toilets can be due to a variety of causes, like a water-filled float ball, cracked overflow tube, corroded flush valve or a tank stopper not setting properly. It is better to address individual problems separately.
If you have water-filled float ball, replace it immediately. In case your overflow tube is cracked, it is better to install a new flush valve assembly. And if your flush valve has become corroded, scour it properly. For a defective tank stopper, replacement is the best option.

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