You need to know basics of electric wiring to get the wiring done at your home. Read on the article to know how to get basic wiring done at your home.

Home Wiring Basics

Wiring is not a duck soup. Period. If you are among those freebies, who want to do wiring just because their neighbors are doing it, you are on a wrong trail. Wiring is a very serious subject and it’s better to get some information about basic electrical wiring before you step into it. Any gaffe can burn down your beautiful house in a few minutes. It is a common fact that people get confused when they are cabling for the first time. Gathering some information about circuits, wires and electrical grid is very essential when you plan to do wiring yourself. Read on the article to know more about home wiring basics
Basic House Wiring
Follow Local Electrical Code 
If proper precautions are not taken, electricity can be fatal. Follow the local codes and regulations regarding residential wiring have been put in place. They are framed to protect you.
Components of Basic House Wiring
There are three basic components of basic electric wiring. These are - service entry, branch circuit and panel board.
Service Entry: The point in the house where the electrical service goes from the main grid into the home is called as ‘service entry’. Service entry is considered as a critical point in basic electrical wiring. You must make sure that the entry lines are at least ten feet above the ground and inaccessible from the window. It should be free of obstructions like tree branches. The service entry should be installed in the right way that water cannot  penetrate the accent point.
Panel Board: A panel board is considered to be the control centre when it comes to electrical wiring. Whenever you install a new electronic device in your house or planning to do some additional wiring, you should be checking the panel board to ensure the electricity is cut off when the electrician starts working. Panel board is the device where you should install new breakers when you are doing a wiring remodeling in your home.
Branch Circuits: The isolated areas of the home where the panel board directs the electrical currents are called branch circuits. Due to the functioning of branch circuits, one can turn off the power in one section of the house, say kitchen, when rest of the house is in operational mode. The electrician should understand how the branch circuits works to get the basic wiring in home done.
Call An Electrician
While you may be able to do most of the home improvement jobs yourself, you should try your hand at electrical wiring, unless, you are an expert at it. It is better to call an electrician to do the home wiring as the safety risks involved are too great. Plus the local electrician will be conversant with the local electrical codes and regulations.

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